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I have used three of the products by Alpha Omega. The company sells curriculum that presented a Christian worldview. I also like Alpha Omega because they have materials for different family needs.  Let's look more into each of the different products that they sell.


I started homeschooling using the Weaver and used it for many years. The Weaver uses the unit study approach. The academic subjects are Bible, Science, History /Social Studies, and Language Arts.

Families that have more than one child will like the Weaver as it has activities for kindergarten through six grade. There is also a supplement for older students.

 When you teach the unit everyone learns the same concepts on their level. You start your lessons with the youngest child taking about the simpler facts. Then present more advanced ideas to your older children.  Because everyone is taught together a child who struggles to remember basic facts will hear it again.

You will need to supplement the Weaver with a reading program. 1, 2, 3, Read is also sold by Alpha Omega and is also written by Rebecca Avery the author of the Weaver.

I would recommend that you buy Day by Day planner. There is a separate one for each of the five units. In Day by Day you will find activities for each subject and grade. It is a real time saver. I only had to collect my supplies and turn to the right page in the books.

Switched on Schoolhouse

Alpha Omega also sells a computer software curriculum. Switched on Schoolhouse or SOS for short is for third through twelfth grade. You can buy a complete grade for each year or buy a separate subject. The subjects that come in the complete set are Bible, History, Language Arts, Math and Science. There are also electives such as state history and Spanish.

I have used Switched on Schoolhouse with three of my children. The curriculum is good for families that want to homeschool but cannot take the time to teach each child independently.

With SOS the child can read or listen to the text on the computer and do the lessons. When your child does the lessons on the computer the computer grade the lesson or test and gives a score. 
Switched on Schoolhouse has made the program attractive to your child with interesting desktops and games.


LifePacs are consumable text workbooks. The curriculum comes in five core subjects and some electives. The program uses the mastery style of teaching. I like your buying options for the LifePacs. You can buy a complete years worth of subjects, a single subject such as Bible or a single workbook.  If you buy a complete subject you would get ten work text and a teacher's manual.

I have used the third grade science and the seventh grade math with my children. I found the curriculum a little easier to use than Switched on Schoolhouse. I like to be able to read along with my children, so that I can help them if they need it.


Horizons is a consumable workbook for preschool through twelfth grade. It also has a hands-on element.  The program uses a spiral learning method. You can buy Horizons workbooks for health, math, penmanship, phonics,  P. E. and spelling. Not all of the subjects are available for all grade levels.  I have not used the Horizons curriculum.


Monarch is a newer product. It is a internet curriculum for grades three through twelfth. It has five core subjects of Bible, history, language arts, math, and science. There are also several electives.

You have the option of buying a complete five subject set or just one subject. Reading the description from the website I felt that Monarch is very similar to SOS.

Alpha Omega Academy

There is also an accredited distant learning program for those who want the accountability. They have part-time and full-time options for kindergarten through twelfth grades.

The academy has qualified teachers who can be assistance in explaining schoolwork. Choose one of the above curricula then enroll in the academy.

I have bought several of the products from Alpha Omega and been happy with the curriculum and the service.

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