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Homeschooling math Ideas

For homeschooling math you need a good curriculum. Also giving your child some hands-on activities will help him learn concepts.

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Thanksgiving Unit Study for Homeschooling

I love to use holidays to teach my children. Here is a fun Thanksgiving unit study that combines history, literature, and Bible.

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Teaching about Money at Home

Here are some fun teaching about money activities that you can do at home. When you homeschool you have the advantage using real change.

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Saxon Homeschool Math a Review

Saxon homeschool math curriculum is a popular program for teaching math. See if it is right for you.

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Homeschool Electives the Fun Subjects

Children enjoy homeschool electives. They can help your child exceed in life. So go beyond the three Rs and have fun with school.

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Free Foreign Language Course

My oldest son told me about a Duolingo. It is a free foreign language course. You can learn Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Irish, French and Portuguese.

My younger children are taking Spanish. In each lesson they are learning new words and how to place the words in sentences. With Duolingo you will learn how to speak and write the language. You will see words, hear words, and have the opportunity to speak the language.

The activities involve translating Spanish into English and English into Spanish. Other times you will choose the correct picture.

My children have enjoyed using the program. In the short time that they have used the Duolingo they have increased their Spanish vocabulary.

The link below will take you to the duolingo website so you can learn more.

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Homeschool Spanish Why and How

Here are four reasons why you should homeschool Spanish and ways that your child can learn the language.

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Homeschooling a Foreign Language

So you are homeschooling a foreign language. Read how you can choose one that is right for your family.

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Review of Homeschool Art Curriculum

I have found homeschool art curriculum for preschool through high school that I have enjoyed teaching and my children have liked using.

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Inexpensive Homeschool Art Projects

You do not need to spend a lot on homeschool art projects. You child can learn a lot by using inexpensive supplies.

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