Homeschool Electives
the Fun Subjects

Homeschool electives are the subjects that go beyond the three R’s of reading, writing, and arithmetic. I usually do not include these subjects in unit studies.

There are several reasons that we teach beyond the three R’s. One reason is your child’s talents and interests. Your child is talented music or art.

Another reason is the kind of job your child wants to do. A young child might want to be a firefighter. You can read about firefighting and maybe visit your local fire station. Older children might want to learn how to program computers.

Another child might want to go to South America or another country. He will need to learn a foreign language.

A third reason to teach electives is your child wants to go to college. Many high school electives are for college entrance requirements.

If you would like to know more about job or college related classes use the links below to read more.

Homeschool Electives the fun subjects

Computer Science - Teaching about computers is important. I have used several programs that have helped me teach.

Spanish - For most people Spanish is easy to learn. Here are some ideas for how your child can learn this language.

A Foreign Language - Knowing a foreign language is important. It is difficult including a language when you are not bilingual. Learn about how I solved this problem.

 Choosing which Homeschool Electives

The first step in choosing an enrichment activity for your child would be to ask. What does he want to study and why.
You can also look at what your child is good at. If he is good working with his hands he might like to take art, sewing, or woodworking.

One way to expose your child to new ideas is to go on field trips. Field trips do not need to be exotic. You can take your child to the grocery store, car mechanic, or dad’s office. He can learn how people make money.

Other field trips can help your child develop an interest or hobby that they want to try.

 Field Trips - To make field trips successful you need to do some planning. You also need to remember to take along supplies that you will need while you are on the trip. When my children were young I develop a list that helped me remember what to bring. You will be able to download the list on this page.

Young Children

When your child is young you will want lots of enrichment classes. By providing different types of activities you will see where your child’s talents and interests are. So do art, music, and craft projects with your child.

Art Projects  - You don’t have to spend a lot on art projects. I used recycled materials and inexpensive supplies. Read more about some of the projects we did.

Art Curriculum -  Read about the different art programs that I have used. There are materials for preschool through high school.

Music Curriculum - I have not used a formal music program in our house but I have used music to help my children learn. Read more about how music can help your child.

Life skills are part of our homeschool electives. My children have learned how to cook and take care of a home. My girls have tried their hand at crocheting, knitting, and quilting. They have also learned how to sew.

If you don’t draw, or do handicrafts you can have your child join a group where he can learn the skills that he needs. In many areas you can find 4H and scout groups that will help teach your child different skills.

Home Economics - You can teach children about cooking, budgeting, sewing, and other skills they can use in the home

How to stay healthy is also important for young children to learn. We can teach our children about how to make healthy meals and to stay physically fit.

Healthy Homeschool - Here are some ideas for teaching your child to eat healthy.

Physical Education - I have not used a formal program in my house. My children do like to exercise and learn about fitness.

High School

When your child is in high school continue teaching homeschool electives. You can continue with music and art classes. High school electives will usually be more academic focused. If your child plans to go to college he will need higher math, extra language art classes, and science.

One way to take enrichment classes in high school is to go to a technical or junior college. Many local colleges allow children sixteen and older take classes.

Another option is to look for online classes. Many are reasonably priced.

Business - Here are some ideas about starting a business.

Saving Money

The only problem I have with homeschool electives is the cost. In the early years the activities are pretty inexpensive. Musical instruments cost. Art supplies are not cheap. Some hobbies are expensive.

We can save money by buying a lower quality item. You can rent musical instruments. We might also be able to share materials with another family.

Homeschool electives are fun. They also help children who struggle with traditional schoolwork to have an area where they can excel in.

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