Homeschool Business Opportunities

Need extra money? Start a homeschool business. There are many things that you or your child can do. You do not need to work for someone else.

It does take a special person to start a business. You need some brains. You need persistence. It takes time. There is no quick way to make money.

When you homeschool you can use a business to teach your children. You can start a family business or your teenager can do something on their own. Your child can learn about organization, time management, and how to deal with people.

Getting Started

You need to decide if being an entrepreneur is right for you. First ask God. Then ask others that know you. Ask your pastor, family, and selected friends. Do they think that you will work hard?

You and your child can also read books to see if being an entrepreneur is right for you. Here are two that are written from a Christian perspective;

Roadmap to Success by Steve Marr shows you how to plan using biblical principles.  In each chapter there is an activity to help you decide if stating a business is God’s will for your life.

Business for the Glory of God by Wayne Grudem is about how we can glorify God. He believes that components of being an entrepreneur such as ownership, money, and completion are inherently good.

Then make a business plan. How will you serve your customers? How are you going to make money? If you are selling something how much will you charge? Look to see if you need licensing and other legal issues.

When you are planning you will need to also look at the cost of the business. Do you need start up-money?

List of Homeschool Businesses

Here is a list of some of the types of businesses that I have come up with. Brainstorm with your teenager to see if he has other ideas. Remember starting a business is more about how you can serve God and your community than making money.

Babysitting – If your church family or neighborhood has young families babysitting is an option for a young teenager. Girls usually start when they are twelve or thirteen. Take a class in babysitting to make you more valuable. Red Cross has a class.

Pet sitting – Some people need help taking care of their animals. You might have to stay the weekend while the people are away on vacation. Some also need help walking their dog while they are away at work.

Lawn care – Sometimes neighbors will hire teenagers and adults to take care of their lawns. You will need to know how to use a lawnmower and other gardening tools. Knowing the differences between weeds and plants is also helpful.

Housecleaning – Many people need their house cleaned. People who work and those who are retired might need your services.

Handicrafts – People like to buy homemade items. You can sell locally at craft fairs. Some locations have craft stores. There are also sites on the internet where you can sell items. Etsby is one such site.

Tutoring – People need help with school subjects. Another idea is if you are bilingual teach people how to speech your language. People will also pay for art lessons. People are also looking for music lessons.

Website – Another option is to own a website. To have a website you need knowledge and passion. Have a marketable idea, meaning that others are searching for your subject and there are ways to make money.  If you want to start a website I would recommend Solo Build It.

Remember that having a homeschool business is a learning experience.

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