Homeschool Music Ideas

I have never used a formal homeschool music curriculum but I do like to use music in my teaching. According to Howard Gardner it is one of the eight intelligences.  Some also say that it increases math and language arts understanding.

Songs have enriched our lives. I think that we have used music in almost every subject. Also below are also some curriculum ideas if your child wants to learn to play an instrument.

Use to Teach Different Facts

When boring facts are presented with rhyme and rhythm children learn. Children who have an auditory learning style like music. Most of us know preschoolers who will sing the ABC song to anyone who will listen. There are other songs that will teach facts.

We used a song to teach phonics. You can find similar songs on YouTube.

Math facts can also be learned using music. There are addition and multiplication CD’s on Amazon. There are also videos on YouTube.

We learned history facts by listening to We Sing American Songs.  In one of the songs my children learned the names of the states. There are several patriotic songs such as the Star Spangle Banner and America. There are cowboy and railroad songs. We loved to listen to the CD.

Learning to Read

You can find songs illustrated in picture books. Sing the words instead of reading them. If you don’t like your voice get the song/book on CD. Some of the Songs that I have found in books are;

  • I knew an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly
  • The Wheels on the Bus
  • Old MacDonald had a Farm
  • Bingo
  • This Old Man
  • Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Homeschool Music Curriculum

sheet music on pianoHow to Teach Music

One of the activities that we did was sing along with music CDs. When my children were preschoolers we used a CD that had nursery rhymes. I taught the finger movements that went with the songs. Two of my children’s favorites were Itsy Bitsy Spider and Where is Thumbkin.

Today you can find sing along on the internet. With YouTube you can watch and listen.

We also appreciated different types of classical music. We listened to Blues, Jazz, Country, Asian, and Classical. We listened when we were eating lunch and during quiet time.

If your child is interested in playing a music instrument there are several options. My older children took piano lessons from a co-op. You could also find music teachers by asking friends and neighbors. You can find teachers by looking in the classifieds in the local paper. A low cost idea is to have a musical teenage teach your child.

I have also heard about online music lessons. You would need an instrument and high speed internet. Some companies also have the lessons on video. One company is Home School Piano.

Art and Crafts

You can incorporate art into your homeschool music class. Have your child draw when he is listening to music. Ask your child to draw what the sounds means to him. Talk about how a musician might represent wind in the trees or an angry storm.

Another fun art activity is to make instruments. You can make;

  • A tambourine by placing dried beans between two paper plates stapled together.
  • A drum can be made out of round oatmeal box.
  • Shakers can be made out of plastic coffee creamer containers and either sand or beans placed inside.
  • Xylophones can be made out of glasses and different amounts of water.
  • A horn can be made out of a cardboard paper towel holder and wax paper.

Look in the library for books on making musical instruments.


When you are listening to classical composers read something about their life. Look in your library for books. You might also look for DVD’s. Many books and DVD’s are geared for children. My children liked Beethoven Lives Upstairs.

Another idea is when you are studying a historical period look for music of the time.  

Field Trips

When my children were young we went on a lot of field trips. If you live close to a city see if they have a symphony. Some have afternoon matinees that are geared for children.

My daughter and I went to see The Nutcracker. Going to a ballet can show your child how music and dance go together.

Your high school probably has music classes. See if they are performing. The marching band will play at football games.

A fun field trip that my children went on was to a violin factory. They got to see how violins, cello, and violas were made. My children also got to hear different string instruments played.

Homeschool music can be fun and help your child learn about rhyme and rhythm. Music can also help children learn other subjects.

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