Having a Healthy Homeschool

When we have our children at home we have the advantage to develop a healthy homeschool. As a family we can learn to exercise and eat right.

Healthy Meals

We can make a healthy homeschool diet even if we have picky eaters or children with food allergies. At home our children will not be tempted to eat food that will make them sick.

A healthy diet includes a variety of foods. We need to include plenty of grains, vegetables, and fruits. Our diets also need to be low in saturated fats, sugar, and salt.

fruit and vegetables

When my children were younger we had a lot of fruit smoothies. If your child has a milk allergy you can use a milk alternative. Milk alternatives come in rice, soy, and almond. Since milk has calcium and vitamin D look for milk alternatives that have added minerals and vitamins.

For a short time we were on a gluten and milk free diet. We used the Gluten-Free 101 Easy, Basic Dishes Without Wheat by Carol Fenster, PHD when we were trying to be gluten free. The book has information about how to avoid wheat. She gives ideas of what foods would be safe to eat. She also talks about how to eat in restaurants. The book also has a lot of recipes. The recipes are for familiar food such as fish sticks, pizza, muffins, breads, and deserts. We liked the muffin recipes.

There are also websites for people who have milk or wheat allergies. One recipe that we got on line was for rice pudding. The recipe used a milk alternative, maple syrup, and no eggs.

Eating right can be part of our homeschool nutrition curriculum. We can teach our children that eating right and exercising can help keep us healthy.

Older children can research the benefits and disadvantages of different weight loss diet.


Besides eating right we should also teach our children to exercise. We need them to understand that exercise helps to burn calories. It also helps to keep our heart and bodies healthy.

Most young children like to run, jump, and play. We can encourage them to be fit by exercising with them. What we do to stay fit depends on our interests and abilities. A simple activity is to take walks with our children. Other families will enjoy swimming, hiking, or going bike riding. For more exercise ideas see my page on physical education.

When we eat right and exercise it is possible to have a healthy homeschool.

Disclamer: The information provided here is for your enjoyment. I am not providing medical advice. If you or your child does have a medical condition please see your doctor before changing your diet or exercising.

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