Advantages of Homeschooling

There are many advantages of homeschooling your child.
Recently I have added to my list to include benefits for parents of children with special needs.

Most families can benefit by teaching their children at home.

Advantage of homeschooling


When I was in school I learned about IEP or individualized educational plan. When you homeschool you have the advantage to make the best learning plan for your child because you know your child the best. You will be able to;   

  • individualize the instruction
  • modified curriculum
  • teach to your child's learning style
  • work on a subject until it is mastered
  • teach to your child's strengths
  • teach life skills in the home environment
  • use real books to teach literature and history


There are also some advantages to homeschooling that affect the child. Your child will have fewer colds and there usually will be less peer pressure.
You can also teach to your child's interests or goals.


Homeschool families usually have great family relationships. Here are some benefits;

  • Sibling can learn to be friends.
  •   The family can have fun together.
  • You can take vacations when it is less crowded.
  • You can make a schedule that works for your family.
  • You can learn what you didn't learn in school.


Some children have difficulty in a school setting. There are several advantages of homeschooling that have to do with the home setting.

In school there is more noise and people. Some children become distracted by the noise. Other children are affected by the florescent lighting in school. Noise and lighting is something that you can control in the home.
Some children are on special diets. It is usually easier to control what your child eats at home.

You will also be able to make sure that your child receives any medicine that he is taking on time.
In school a child is expected to sit and listen when the teacher is talking. The chairs are usually hard. At home your child can sit in any chair in the house or stand if he needs too. Also the lessons can be shorter so that he does not have to sit so long.

Morals and Characters

One of the main reasons that I homeschooled was so that I could teach my child Christian values. I feel that the home is the best place to teach about your faith.

You can also teach your child different character traits. You can teach;

  • obedience,
  • self control,
  • being a friend,
  • and other traits that you want your child to have.

There are many advantages of homeschooling.

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