Easy Affordable High School

It is possible to have affordable high school. You can homeschool high school no matter what your budget. If you need to save money, look for ways to incorporate free resources into your curriculum. Then look for ways to make money to buy the curriculum that you need.

Using the Library

Use the library for affordable high school homeschooling. Besides books the library has magazines, CDs, and videos. You can teach English, social studies, health, and fine arts with free materials. By borrowing materials you can teach most subjects in high school for free. Most libraries also have free internet that you can use for research.

Here are some ways to use the library to save money:

Instead of buying literature books for high school borrow them. Libraries have classics and other fiction books.

  • To teach history and social studies look for books about places and historical events. The library also has biographies about famous people. Most libraries also have videos that you can borrow. There are also maps and atlases that your child can study.
  • You can teach music appreciation from materials from the library. My library has several different types of music on CDs. There are also books about the composers. Music appreciation can be used for a credit in fine arts.
  • There are also how to books for almost any subject. I plan to use the books in some our elective classes. When we do home economics I can find cookbooks, and books to teach my child to sew. For car mechanics I can find books on car repair.
  • Your child can find books to help them study for tests. I have seen books for the GED and SAT.
  • Most libraries also have lectures. My library just had a lecture on how to write haiku poems.

We plan to use the library to help us develop affordable high school curriculum. I plan to teach high school literature and all of the necessary history classes with resources from my library. The only problem will be making sure the materials are available when I need them. Using the internet to place books on hold should overcome this problem.

The Internet

I have found some affordable high school help on the internet. Most it has been in record keeping. You can find examples of transcripts and portfolios.

There are also sites that will help your child do algebra and geometry

There are sites were you can download or read literature online. There are a lot of books in the public domain. Many are classics.

The internet is a great way to do research. Your child can find information on almost any subject. You will need to teach him internet safety and have filtering programs.

Make Money

To make homeschooling high school affordable, find ways to make money. If your child wants to be tutored in a subject have him get a job to help pay for the class.

Also look for entrepreneur opportunities. Your child could also receive high school credit for his business experience.

Even a garage sell can make some money for books or classes.

Also convince your high schooler that he does not need an Ipad or the latest fashion. If he does want these things, help him find ways to make money.

Buying for Affordable High School

You will probably have to buy math textbooks and science materials.

Before you buy curriculum research to see what is available. A good place to look is in Cathy Duffy's book 101 Top Picks. My library has the book so I don't even have to buy it.

You could also get idea of what curriculum is good by talking to other homeschoolers. Ask your friends. Look on the internet for curriculum reviews.

After you have decided what curriculum that you want to buy, buy used. There are sites that deal with used curriculum. Amazon sells used materials.

If you belong to a homeschool co-op see if anyone is selling curriculum. You might also be able to swap what you have for what you want.

Your child will need at least one lab science. This can be expensive especially if you do biology. One option is to do biology with a group of homeschoolers. Another option is to take the class at the local college. The last option is to take another science for lab. You can buy a textbook used to save money.

Other Ways to Make High School Affordable

  • Have your child take the CLEP test. The test is cheaper that a college class and he will receive dual credit.
  • Do you know that you do not have to have accredited diploma? So don't pay for accredited classes.
  • Most curriculum is cheaper that a private online school.
  • If you are not familiar with the subject, find text with lots of teacher helps and explanations.

With a little creativity affordable high school is possible. You can still provide a great high school education for your child without breaking the bank.

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