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Have you been to the Ambleside Homeschool website? It is a free curriculum guide for parents that use the Charlotte Mason method of teaching. I like the booklists on the website. The best part is that all of the information on the site is free. Some of the books listed can be downloaded as free e-books. There are many Christian books on the booklist.

History of the Site

Ambleside Homeschool was started with by a group of parents. The parents wanted to provide information and help for other families that wanted to use the Charlotte Mason method.

Philosophy of Education

The site states that using the booklist and guide will not give your child a Charlotte Mason education. To be successful with using the curriculum you need to understand Miss Mason's philosophy of education.

The site does give you the tools to implement her philosophy. Ambleside lists the subjects that should be taught. There is a lot of information about how to schedule the subjects. They break the booklists into a 36 week schedule.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is challenging. One reason is because Miss Mason wanted her students to read books written by great minds. She also believed that reading challenging books helped develop vocabulary.

If your child finishes the ninth grade he will be reading books that are equivalent to senior high in public schools.

Even though the curriculum is challenging it can be used with children who have special needs. There have been several parents that have used it with their children who have specials needs. The site has articles that you can read written by these families.

Some people have problems with the curriculum because fairy tales and Shakespeare are read. Also some of the books teach evolution. There are reasons behind the book choices. The authors also say that if you feel uncomfortable using one of the books listed you can substitute another. They want you to adapt the curriculum to fit your family.

Here are some of the highlights of the curriculum:

  • Language arts consist of copywork, narration, reading instruction, and writing.
  • Science is taught using natural studies.
  • History is taught chronologically with two rotations.
  • There is also art and music appreciation.
  • After level four you are expected to teach the biography listed from Plutarch's Lives.

What You Need to Use their Curriculum

You need to read all you can about Charlotte Mason. You can read about Charlotte Mason on Ambleside Homeschool.

It is also important the read the FAQ page. The page has a lot of information about the program.

You will need to choose which level to use with your child. The right level for your child is the one that will challenge him to learn but will not frustrate him.

You will need a math curriculum and a phonic program.

Charlotte mason believed in teaching foreign language to children. You would also need to provide a foreign language curriculum.

Then you need to gather the books that are listed on the level that you have chosen. Many of the books are available as free e-books. You can either read the books on an e-reader, your computer, or print the book out and have it bound. Some of the books are also available as physical books that you can buy.

You do not have to register to use Ambleside homeschool. It is also a free service so you do not have to pay.

They do have an e-mail group that you can belong to if you want but it is not required.

My Opinion

There is a lot to learn before you can be successful in using the Ambleside Homeschool website. The site would be great for anyone who is familiar with Charlotte Mason. I do like the lists of books. I have used the site to find classic literature to share with my children.

Visit the Ambleside Homeschool website for their book list and more information about Charlotte Mason.

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