25 Benefits to Homeschooling

There are many benefits to homeschooling from academic success to better family times. Different families will list different benefits. Here are some that I have come up with.


Nine ways that homeschooling benefits the family.

  • Your child will have more time to be with the family. He will not have to ride a bus to school, do homework, or sit in class six hour a day. He will have time to develop relationships with you and his siblings.
  • You can teach him your family's values. If he went to school he would hear different opposing view.
  • You will have more control over your child's friends.
  • You can take vacations and trips during the school year. It is sometimes less crowded and cheaper if you go on trips during the school year.

You can do activities together. Whatever you enjoy you can teach your child such as crafts, gardening, or cooking.

If there is a family emergency you can take time off the visit an ill relative.

  • You child learns positive socialization. He learns how to interact with people older than him, younger than him, and people his own age. He interacts with people who are related to him and those who are not.
  • I have always like the idea that our family learns, works, and have fun together. We are friends and enjoy being together.
  • Homeschooling is flexible. You do not have to be at school at 9:00. You and your children can decide when you want to teach.

Your Child

´╗┐Seven ways your child can benefit.

  • He does not have to wait in line for lunch or recess.
  • He does not have to go out in the rain for recess.
  • He can be free from being bullied.
  • He does not have to do "homework" in the evenings.
  • Your child will not get bored. You can teach to his interests.
  • He can learn that learning is fun.
  • You can better provide special medical or dietary need of your child at home.

Academic Benefits to Homeschooling

  • Your child can learn at his own pace. If he already knows something he does not have to be keep busy while his classmates catch up. On the other hand if he needs more help in a subject he can receive it.
  • Some children finish with high school early. They either go on to college or start working.
  • You can buy curriculum to support your child's needs.
  • Most homeschoolers score higher on achievement tests.
  • One on one training works. Your child usually learns things in less time than in a traditional classroom.


The community can also benefit from homeschoolers.

  • When your child is old enough to work he can work during school hours. This can benefit your child because he can have a job. It is also good for the employer because he has someone to work during the day.
  • Your child and you can volunteer at different community programs. Your child can help at a food bank or talking to people at a retirement home.
  • Your child also has time to do odd jobs for neighbors.
  • Your child has the time to go on short term mission trips. My daughter went on a trip in January when most children are in school.

It is not too hard to see the benefits to homeschooling. Teaching children at home can be a win-win arrangement for the child, family, and community.

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