Bible as Homeschool Curriculum?

We have used the Bible as homeschool curriculum. My children have learned to read and write using scripture. They have also learned about ancient people. Your children can too.

You can also use scripture to teach most subjects. We have used it teach grammar and literature besides history.


Teaching your child to read? Use the Bible as your homeschool curriculum.

You can accomplish this by finding passages to share. Find a passage of scripture that has words that can be sounded out such as God, not, is, his, etc. Also look for phrases that repeat in the passage, so that your child can read it with you.

Highlight the words in the passage. When you read the passage have your child read the highlighted words.

If your child is just starting to read it might be beneficial to type the scripture on a word processor and make the font 16 points or larger.

This will reduce eye strain.

If you do not want to find passages yourself there is curriculum that uses the Bible. When I first started homeschooling I used Shared Psalms by Ellen Dana with my oldest daughter. It is still available from the Moore Academy.


We also used the Bible for copy work. I would give my children a short verse to copy on Monday. My children would practice their penmanship all week. Then on Friday they would make a final copy and illustrate it.

I would also use the verse for spelling words.

Grammar can also be taught. Have your child underline parts of speech in his copy work.

When your child is older have him find examples of different sentence structures in the Bible.


The Bible can be used as homeschool history curriculum. It is one of the first written records of ancient history. It contains the events and explanations for archaeological finds.

We have used Scripture as a starting point for more detailed study on ancient;

  • Egypt
  • Babylon
  • The Assyrians
  • The Phoenicians
  • The Persians
  • Greece
  • Rome

We have used a study Bible, a Bible handbook, and history books to learn about different people groups.


When we use the Bible as homeschool curriculum it gives us a Christian bias. Most science is biased either with a humanistic view point or a Christian.

In science we observe creation. Then we think of a way to control the phenomena. We observe our change or experiment. Then we compare our results to others. Then we form a hypothesis.


You can also use the Bible to teach about different types of literature.

There are several different genres that are in scripture such as;

  • poetry,
  • prose,
  • laws,
  • letters,
  • personal accounts,
  • allegory,
  • parables,
  • prophecy

Some families do use the Bible as homeschool curriculum. If you do not want to write your own curriculum you can find homeschool materials that are already written.

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