Review of Bob Jones Homeschool

Looking over the material for Bob Jones Homeschool I was impressed. Let see how the company can support your homeschooling goals.

The company, Bob Jones Press, started publishing textbooks in 1974. It started marketing to homeschoolers in the 1980s.


If you like the textbook approach Bob Jones Homeschool might be for you. The curriculum presents a Christian worldview. They believe in integrating the Bible into the text not just adding Bible verses to secular texts.

I like their philosophy of learning. They believe that the child needs to understand the material not just memorize facts. I also liked the fact that the textbooks used a hands-on approach.

The Bob Jones University Homeschool Curriculum is for preschool through high school.

For each grade you can buy the textbooks in a set or individually. The teacher manuals especially made for homeschool parents. For me this would be a plus since I prefer to use materials written for homeschool.

Besides the basic courses of Bible, Science, Math, Language arts, and History, they have courses in French, Latin, Spanish, and music. There are music courses for preschool through six grade. There four music courses for the older student.

Bob Jones Homeschool has an elementary Spanish course. Older students can take French, Latin, and Spanish.

Distant Learning

Bob Jones Homeschool also has distant learning opportunities. With distant learning your child watches teachers present the course material. You have three options.

If you have an internet connection your child can watch the videos online. You can have your child do all of course work online for his grade level or do an individual class. The grade kits come with all of the needed textbooks and other materials. The teacher manual is in PDF format.

If you would rather that your child not be on the internet you can lease a hard drive from Bob Jones. The hard drive option is for the entire grade level.

Another option is to lease the videos and watch the DVDs on your TV or computer. You can lease the DVDs with or without the corresponding textbook. You can also lease a grade level or just one course. This would be a benefit if you did not know how to speak French or need help teaching Algebra.

Distant learning would be good for a parent that needs an independent course for their children.

If you want a fully accredited academy Bob Jones has partnered with Bridgeway.

Homeschool Support

Bob Jones has homeschool consultants. They will help you get started homeschooling, give tips on organizing, and teaching more than one child.

Although the publisher does not produce material for children who have special needs one of the consultants will help you. She will help you modify the curriculum to help your child learn.

Other Materials

Bob Jones Press is a complete publishing house. Besides textbooks they print novels, educational and inspirational videos, and music.

Bob Jones homeschool also has a testing service that you can use. They provide several standardized tests for your child.

The Bob Jones University is homeschool friendly.

There are also some free homeschool resources available from Bob Jones. They have articles to help you get started in homeschooling.

Try Before You Buy

You can watch samples of their distant learning videos online. You can view the textbooks online. The view of the textbook is small so if you really want to see the book you will need to buy it.

My Opinion

From what I read on the company's website they provide a lot of support for the homeschool community. I like the option of the distant learning videos. The only drawback was the cost of the textbooks and videos.

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