Christian Homeschool Books What Is Available

There are quite a few different Christian homeschool books and curriculum. There are large companies that write textbooks and whole curriculum. In this article I want to focus on smaller companies that produce materials for different subjects.

Our main textbook is the Bible.  Children need to hear and study the Bible to have a Christian worldview. When your children are young you can read from a story Bible, but by the time they are in elementary school you should be using a good translation.

To help you teach the history of the Bible, have a good Bible reference book. We use The New Unger's Bible Handbook.

Besides your Bible it is good to have a Bible concordance. A concordance will help you find verses in the Bible that pertain to what you are teaching.


We have used several Christian homeschool books for history.

I like to have biographies of Christian men and women in history. As I have mentioned before I really like the Sowers series.
We also like series Christian Heroes: Then and Now. The books are about Christian missionaries.

I like history textbooks that read like a story. For world history I have used the Story of the World Series by Susan Wise Bauer. You might not agree with everything in the book, but it is very readable.
Some of my friends use The Mystery of History. It weaves Biblical history with world history using a story format. Mystery of History comes with a CD where you can listen to the author Linda Hobar read the story.

For United States history I like The Light and Glory and From Sea to Shining Sea by Peter Marshall and David Manuel. There is even a version for children.
You can also buy textbooks from publishers of Christian curriculum. Lifepacs, Switch on Schoolhouse, Bob Jones, Sonlight all have textbooks that you can buy.

You can use living books to teach history. Besides biographies of famous people you can read historical fiction. There are some fiction books where the characters are Christians.

My husband liked reading the G. A. Henty books to my children. Hentry lived from 1837 to 1901. G. A. Hentry books have been republished by Preston/Speed Publications. Many of the books are also free for Amazon’s Kindle.

Christian Homeschool Books for Science

When my children were young I kept my eyes open for books that taught about creation. I bought several books from the Creation Institute. We have read the Great Dinosaur Mystery, Noah’s Ark and the Ararat Adventure, and the Amazing Story of Creation from Science and the Bible.

We also read books about scientist that believed in God. We read about great men such as Newton, Kepler, and De Vinci that also believed in God. A good overview book is Men of Science Men of God by Henry Morris. We also read about scientists in the Sower series.

Language Arts

We read books where the characters have morals. We do not read about witches or ghosts. I try to find books where good wins over evil. Classics and books published before 1960 are usually well written and have an emphasis on good character.

As with science and history you can find language arts curriculum written by Christian authors. For a time we used The Pathway readers. The stories in the readers are about Mennonites. There are also workbooks that go with the readers.

Where to Find Christian Homeschooling Books

Classical and good fiction books can be found in the library. My children know not to read books with a non-Christian view. You can usually tell what a book will be about by looking at the cover.

You can also download books and curriculum from the internet. Some downloads cost a small fee others are free.
Another place to look for Christian homeschool books is in your church library. Most church libraries have Christian fiction, biographies, devotionals, and church history books.

You can find Fiction and some biographies at Christian books stores. We do not have a Christian book store close to us so I buy my books online from Christian They sell Christian novels, textbooks, curriculum, and music.

Having Christian homeschool books can help teach your children about your faith.

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