Fun Homeschooling for the Whole family

Do you know that it is possible to have fun homeschooling? When you make some changes it is possible for mom and the children to have fun. When homeschooling is fun children will have less meltdowns and learn more. Mom will not experience burn out.

How to Make Homeschooling Fun

Find out what interests your child. Does your child like airplanes? Maybe you can write or find a unit study about airplanes. The unit study would include activities in history, science, and language arts. Unit studies can make homeschool fun.

Next find out how your child likes to learn. What is his learning style? Everyone thinks that children like to do hands-on projects. It is true that a lot of children do, but others like to read or watch movies. Provide opportunities for your child to also do these things.

Then look at your interests. Do you like to look at art museums? Do you like to do crafts? Share your interests with your child. It does not hurt anyone to look at the world through someone else's eyes. This will keep homeschooling fun for you.

How to Teach the Basics

I can almost here either you or your child saying that reading, writing, and arithmetic is not fun homeschooling. Even the basic can be fun if you use some creativity.


There are some things that you can do to make math fun for children who do not like math. One way is to make math the first subject of the day. Your child can then enjoy the other fun subjects.

Other children like to do math when they are doing a fun activity. Let your child jump rope to learn his math facts. Facts can also be practiced using computer games.

If your child is overwhelmed with the number of problems on a worksheet, let him do every other one. Another idea is to assign ten problems then let your child do something else. If you child needs more practice he can do another ten problems latter.


After your child your child learns to read get rid of the reading textbooks. Have your child read living books. Let your child read books that interest him.


To be good at writing you need something to say. You also have to know some grammar. My children like to write silly stories. I downloaded World of Animals Storybuilders. My children love to write the stories. They randomly pick an animal, a character trait, a plot and a setting. My children then write a short story using the four cards. Storybuilders also have writing prompts for people and Christmas.

Another idea is to have you child make a notebook for subjects that they are studying. They would have to write down information that they find.

We go over any words that are misspelled in my children's writing. We also talk about grammar errors. I find that the more my children write the better they get with writing.

Rewards can help your child practice the basics. When a child does not want to do math you can give your child a small reward for work completed. He could earn TV or computer time. Rewards also work for reading and writing.

Also don't feel like you have to correct everything. Have your child correct his math papers. Check your child's writing once a week for spelling and grammar errors.


Fun homeschooling for some children is computers and IPads. This can be especially true for children who have special needs. With moderation technology can be used to help a child learn.

There are computer games to help your child practice his math facts and grammar rules. There are sites where you can have your child practice his spelling.

Besides games the computer can be used for writing. Most office programs have a spell check. Some office programs have a speech to text feature.

Apple has a small hand held device called the IPad. It is similar to a computer without a keyboard. It has a touch screen. The device can be used as an e-books reader. The IPad comes with a screen reader and will payback closed captions. Some companies are making applications specifically for people who have autism.

Fun homeschooling is possible even for children who struggle with learning. All you have to do is add some fun subjects, games and technology.

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