Review of Heart of Wisdom Homeschool

Heart of Wisdom homeschool is a method of teaching, a curriculum, and a site that provides homeschooling help. The author is Robin Sampson. The approach would be good for parents that wanted to teach a Biblical world view and use unit studies.

Philosophy of Education

The curriculum key verse is Matthew 6:33 "Seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you."

The main point of the method is to give up man's standards and depend on God.

Robin believes in seeking God first in deciding what curriculum to use and to spend half of our day teaching the Bible. The other half of the day we are to teach about God's world.
Her approach is centered more on the Bible than academics. Your child will learn about God first then do academics.

Robin has written a book that describes her teaching philosophy called The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach. You can download 65 pages for free. In her book she describes her philosophy and method of teaching.

Method of Teaching

The curriculum uses a blend of different teaching methods. She uses Biblical Hebraic, Charlotte Mason, four step lesson, integrated unit study, lifestyle of learning, delight-directed learning, writing to learn, and lapbooks.

Heart of Wisdom homeschool goes beyond Greek thought and classical education to the Biblical education of the Hebrews. Some of the points of a Hebraic education are that:

  • Children should learn at home
  • Parents help with their child's learning
  • Parents should teach their children to love God
  • Parents should teach their children to love others
  • Children learn to be thankful
  • Parents should teach by example
  • Children need to grow in wisdom

Each lesson has four steps. The first step is to create interest in the subject. You need to find out what your child already know about the subject and what he want to learn. The lesson should also be made meaningful to your child's life.

In step two the child is finding out the facts about the subject.

In step three the child needs to tell you what he has learned. If he is old enough he need to write his narration down on paper.

In the last step the child tell someone else what he has learned.

The Heart of Wisdom homeschool uses living books and narration like the Charlotte Mason method. In science the Heart of Wisdom has the children make a Creation Portfolio which is similar to a nature journal.
The approach also uses integrated unit studies. Language arts is not taught as a separate subject. Writing and reading is part of the lesson.

The curriculum uses a directed learning approach. When a child studies topics that interest them they will learn reading, writing and researching.

The approach believes in Holy Spirit lead learning. The parent relies on the Holy Spirit to help the child develop his interests. This should lead the child to a lifestyle of learning.

Try Before You Buy

There are free samples that you can download. You can download free lesson from each of Robin's unit studies. She has also written five books that you can also preview.

There are also handwriting pages and other printable pages that are available for free.

When you decide to buy her books your can download them as e-books. Some are also available as paperbacks.

I wish that I had known about Heart of Wisdom Homeschool when my children were young.

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