High School Homeschooling --
Special Needs

There are three different groups of children that are part of the high school homeschooling movement. One group is of normal or above intelligence and breezes through school. The other group is of normal intelligence and struggles with learning. The last group has special needs.

Struggling Learners

Most children who struggle with learning can, and do go to college. Most colleges have resource rooms where your child can get help with basic skills. If your child has a diagnosis of a disability he can receive accommodations. He might be able to have more time to take tests or be allowed to use accommodations.

We can also help our children by providing remedial help in writing and math. We can teach our children study skills.

We can also teach our children how to compensate for their lack of skill. We can provide our children with calculators and spell checkers.

If your child would like to go to college but thinks that he is not smart enough find mentors to help. There are many famous people who have disabilities and have succeeded in life. There may also be people in your neighborhood that would be willing to talk to your child about how they overcame their struggles.

Special Needs

A child who has special needs will need a transition plan for high school. The plan should help the child apply what he has learned academically and biblically to the challenges of life.


During high school homeschooling we need to set some goals for all of our children no matter what their abilities are.

high school goals

Each student should have some academics goals. The goals will be determined by our child's ability. They should progress in their studies. Every child should develop some

  • math,
  • writing,
  • and reading skills

During high school we will want to set some vocational goals for our children. We will want to talk to them about what they want to do with their life. What are they interested in? We also want to discuss what they talents are. If the child has special needs we can look into obtaining a job coach for them.

Our children should learn skills that they can do for themselves. Depending on our child's ability they should be able to take care of personal needs,

  • cook,
  • clean,
  • and handle finances

Some children will have difficulty thinking of what to do with their free time. We can help them develop hobbies and other leisure activities. Many communities have activities for teens and adults who have special needs.

One area that most teens don't think about is how they can help in the community. It is good to have some idea of ways that your child can give back to the community.

If we are Christians our children should develop spiritual goals. Teach your teen to love God and other people.

Adult Life

Part of our high school homeschooling should be for helping our children become adults. One area that we need to consider if we have children with special needs is guardianship.

A child that is eighteen is considered an adult. If your child cannot make decisions by himself you will want to go to a lawyer and set up guardianship status.

Another area is to look into adult services. There are several types of adult services. Some services are provided by the government others are by nonprofit organizations.

The government can provide services through social security such as financial and heath care.

There are also

  • residential,
  • recreation,
  • continuing education,
  • and transportation services.
We need to decide for ourselves how involved we want our child to be with the outside world.

High school homeschooling is difficult but can be done, even with teens that have special needs.

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