Homeschool Bible Study

Build Your Child's Faith

A homeschool Bible study is important to build your child's faith. There are many fun and educational ways to teach the Bible. If you are a Christian you will want to teach a Christian world view. Let's explore some of the ways to do it.

One way to have a homeschool Bible study is to teach the Bible as a school subject. We used the Weaver. Besides reading from the Bible, we learned biblical principles in Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts. I like the Bible study because it has life applications.

There is curriculum that teaches Bible as a separate subject. Buy a lesson according to your child's age and understanding. Some of the curriculum that teaches the Bible is LifePac, Switch on Schoolhouse, Abecka, and Bob Jones.

Join a Group

Another option is AWANA. AWANA is a fun program where the children go each week. They play games, sing songs, listen to stories about how Christ can change lives, and say verses. The children memorize Bible verses during the week. They are also required to attend Sunday school. My children enjoyed AWANA.

My two younger children like CEF Mailbox Club. They receive a letter in the mail. My children read the lesson and answer the questions. They then send the letter back to CEF. CEF corrects the paper and send another lesson.

Other Ways

When my children were little our study included stories from a Children's Bible story book. The bible story book had a lot of pictures. The stories were something that my children enjoyed. They help me write favorite Bible stories.

There are also devotional books written especially for families with children. You can find devotional books at Timberdoodle and Christian Book Distributors.

In some families dad teaches the Bible. He might read and discuss passages of scripture after dinner. He might use devotional books or do his own study.

You can also write your own study. One way to do a Bible study would be to read through the Bible discussing what you read. Study the life of Christ explaining to your children the need for a savior and how to become saved. If your child is not in a Bible memorization group you might want to consider memorizing scripture together.

Find some fun way to study the Bible especially if your child is not involved in a group such as AWANA. Make up a Bible trivia game to play after dinner. Or maybe write plays about people in the Bible. Have your child put on a performance for the family.

If your children are special needs you may need to break down biblical truths so that your child can understand.

Homeschool Bible Study is important if we want to pass on our Christian faith.

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