Ideas for Homeschool Charts

Homeschool charts give your child an idea of what need to be done. If you provide your child with some independent work he can work while you do other things.

When I was an aid in the school district we used academic charts to keep the children focused. We used PECS for the subjects that we were teaching. We also indicated when it was teacher instruction time and independent time.

Why Use

  • Charts can help make children more independent.
  • You can also use the charts when you are busy or ill.
  • When a child knows what is expected of them there is less stress.

What is a Homeschool Chart?

A homeschool chart lists the activities that the child is expected to do. You could make a simple chart listing the academic subjects that need to be done everyday. The activities would be divided into those done with a teacher and those done alone.

A more complex chart would also list chores, and outside activities.


One way to make a chart is to print a daily or weekly list of activities. Your child would cross off the activities when he finished them.

If you did not want to use paper you could use your computer. Make your chart on a spreadsheet. Have your child put an x near the items that he has completed. If you want to keep a record you will need to teach your child how to save his work.

When I helped in a special education classroom we used a similar idea with Velcro strips. The child knew when he was to work with a teacher or do independent work. He also knew when he was finished with a subject he would get some free time. When he finished all of the subject school would be over.

Success with Charts

To make the charts work successfully you will need to teach your child how to use it. Show him what activities can be done independently. Show him how to mark off subjects that are finished.

Also you will need to be organized if you give your child independent work. Have worksheets ready for your child. Show him what educational games can be played. Provide other work that he can do.

Homeschool charts can work if you are well organized. They are good for when you are busy with other things or are ill. Charts can help your child be independent.

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