Homeschool Christmas Ideas

Do you need some homeschool Christmas ideas? Are you worried that you will not get homeschooling done because of Christmas? I will show you how to have fun the month of December and still get some schooling done.

Before you decide what you want to do for the holidays pray. Ask God to give you direction in what activities you should or should not do. Remember this is a stressful time and you should not feel that you have to do it all.

One idea is to take the month of December off from teaching. Set your books aside. You can do other learning activities.

Even if you take December off you can still get 180 days of school in. Remember that the public schools take off at least the week between Christmas and New Years. They also take off a lot of other days throughout the year. So rearrange your schedule so that you will be able to celebrate Christmas.

The First Week

One of my homeschool Christmas ideas is to have my children help write our Christmas letter. Depending on the age of the children they can either write a paragraph or draw a picture. If you are still keeping track of school you could put this down as writing.

I also like to try to keep Christ in our celebration. Therefore we practice advent starting the weekend after Thanksgiving. We use the advent candles and a devotional book. My children also like to have me read from one of Arnold Ytreeide's books (Jotham's Journey, Bartholomew's Passage, and Tabitha's Travels).

I also want my children to learn that it is better to give than to receive. So during the first week of December I have my children make gifts. Here is a list of easy handicrafts.

  • To make a pony tail holder, crochet around an elastic pony tail holder in a pleasing way.
  • You can make a kitchen hand towel by cutting a towel in half and crocheting or knitting a hanging loop on the top. You can find directions online.
  • If you have fabric scraps you can make a tissue holder, pin cushion, or a small purse. Look online for easy sewing projects.
  • If your child does not sew or crochet he can make bookmarks out of foam or felt.
  • Another idea is to make gifts in a jar. There are several gifts that you can make. I have seen recipes for cookies, soup, drinks, and spice mixes.
  • If your child is creative he can make pencil holders or picture frames out of craft sticks.

The Second Week

Sometime during the second and third week we make cookies. Making cookies can be a math activity especially if you need to double a recipe. My children like to make sugar cookies. This is a good time to get the family together. We give some of our cookies to neighbors and friends.

If we have not decorated the house we will do it now. I like to have at least one creche.

I have the children make ornaments for the tree. Last year we made cute ornaments out of craft foam. We cut the foam in simple Christmas designs and decorated the ornaments with foam stickers.

Third and Fourth Week

By the third and fourth week we have finished our baking and crafting.

We leave this time open for visiting friends. We also might have extra church activities that we want to go to.
We also like to have some time to go through the neighborhoods and look at the lights.

Another activity that we do throughout the season is to listen to Christmas music. Some people like to go to nursing homes and sing carols.

Other Homeschool Christmas Ideas

If you are really stressed that school is not getting done there are several unit studies that you can do. For history you could study about Hansel who wrote the Messiah.

Another idea would be to do your formal schooling in the morning. Let your children know that as soon as they  finish their math and language arts they can help make cookies.

When you consider homeschool Christmas ideas look for ways to enjoy the season and to celebrate Christ.

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