Homeschool Graduation

Homeschool graduation is a time for refection and celebrating the accomplishments of your child. Before you celebrate you will need to determine if your child is ready to graduate.

Is Your Child Ready?

The public school usually graduate students who have finished a set number of credits. When you homeschool you will decide when your child has completed high school. Here are some different criteria that parents have used to determine if their child is done with homeschooling.

  • You have done the requirements for your states homeschooling graduation laws
  • Your child has finished the curriculum
  • Your child has finished his goals for high school
  • Your child has finished and received a diploma and transcript from a umbrella school
  • You child knows high school material
  • Your child has started college
  • Your child has taken the GED
  • Your child is 18
  • Your child has finished twelve years of school
  • Your child is ready for the work force

Homeschool Graduation Ideas

When your child is done with high school it is time to celebrate. When you are planning a graduation ceremony or party consider your values and your child's personality.

You can plan your party as elaborate or as simple as you want. Some people just have a barbeque or party at their home. Others have a catered party at a restaurant or rented hall.

Other families attend a homeschool graduation ceremony with their state homeschool organization. The Washington Homeschool Organization (WHO) puts on a ceremony every June. The ceremony is very similar to a traditional graduation from a school. The child wears a cap and gown. The family walks up with the student and presents a diploma. A short statement of the student's accomplishments is read. For more information visit the WHO website.

If you belong to a homeschool co-op you could plan a ceremony with them. Together the parents could rent a hall or church to have the ceremony in. Each child could bring in his portfolio to have on display.

Diplomas, Caps, Gowns, and Announcements

You do not need to get a diploma from an accredited school. There are print shops that will make one with your specifications. A diploma is just a fancy piece of paper. The transcript gives the weight to the diploma.

If you want others to know about your child graduating you will want to have announcements printed. You can either go to a print shop or make your own using a computer program.

If you graduate with a group you may also need a cap and gown. To save money you could borrow a cap and gown from a friend that graduated before you. You could also look into renting instead of buying the gown.

The Home School Legal Defense Association and Homeschool Diploma have items for graduation

Some people also like to have professional pictures taken at this time. Sometimes at a group ceremony there is a photographer that will take pictures that you can buy.

After your child has completed high school you can choose to have a large or small homeschool graduation ceremony. Both you and your child should celebrate your accomplishment.

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