Why Homeschool High School?

There are as many reasons to homeschool high school as there are families. Here are some that I have come up with.


Some people look at better test scores for a reason to teach teens at home. For me academics are important but there are other reasons to homeschool.

It has been easy for me to homeschool high school because my children want to continue with homeschooling. If your child does not want to be homeschooled there are other options that you can discuss. Some of the options include attending public school part of the time or attending classes at a community college.

Homeschooled teenagers are usually nice to be around. Parents and teens can be friends and have a good relationship.

We can teach our children to find God's plan for their life. Our children do not have to listen to peers, teachers, or guidance counselors telling them what they would be good at based on test scores.

Your child can pursue his dreams no matter if it seems impossible. If it truly is to be, then God will provide a way.

Homeschooling give our children the time pursue their interests. They can shadow people to see if they might like the job. It is better to know now that being a teacher, lawyer, or doctor is something they want to do. Our children can find out know instead of spending money on college and find out that they hate the job. High school students can also start apprentices.

As a family we can practice or faith together. We can take the time to read the Bible together. We can discuss our life and see what God is teaching us.

When you homeschool high school there is time to volunteer and go on mission trips.

As parents we can help protect our children from destructive influences. We have all heard about drugs, sex, and the attitudes of young people. It does not have to be that way. When we start young and continue through their teen years our children learn to depend on us for guidance. We have already taught them right from wrong. When our children get older we can discuss the pros and cons of doing something.

Homeschool children can develop healthy relationships with other people. They can have friends who are older and younger than them. Homeschooled children usually do not become peer dependent.


When you homeschool high school there may not be the money for high technical equipment such as microscopes for biology. But your child can pursue his interests. If he is interested in biology he can go to a co-op or take biology classes at the community college.

When you homeschool high school your child will have the time to do art or music. He can take the time to perform or compete and still do high school's work.

Also if your child is interested in a subject such as history it can be combined with language arts or other subjects. You and your child can customize his education to fit his needs.

As parents we are able to show how your child's education applies to life. We can show how math and writing is important for everyday life. History can show us how God works. School subjects can also give us an understanding of what is happening in today's world.

Some children finish high school at 15 or 16. Then they are able to attend college or start a business.

Children who are homeschooled usually think that learning is fun and being smart is cool.

There are statistics saying that homeschoolers get better scores on the SAT.

We need to examine why we homeschool high school so that when bad days come we will not give up.

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