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Finding the Best

Homeschool literature curriculum uses fiction, biographies, and other real books to teach language arts, history, and sometimes science. If your family likes to read this might be an enjoyable method for you.

Why use Literature?

I find reading historical fiction much for interesting and enjoyable than reading about the time period in an encyclopedia or textbook. We can get caught up in the story. Reading is emotional. We can connect with the characters in the book.

Because literature draws us in and we connect with the story the facts are easy to remember.
Reading books encourage communication questions. We can start the conversation by asking who, what, where, why, and how questions. Sometimes our children have questions of their own.

Use literature to teach Christian character.

Boxed Homeschool Literature Curriculum

Here are two literature based curriculum that I know about.

Sonlight is a Christian literature based curriculum. The company sells complete curriculum for kindergarten through high school. The philosophy of Sonlight is to teach your children to love God, know what they believe, and to spread the gospel to other lands.

I had a friend that used Sonlight curriculum to teach her girls. I remember seeing some of the interesting novels that they were using that year. Books such as the Great Gatsby, The Hiding Place, and Brave New World. She said that they read together and discussed the books.

Sonlight curriculum comes with teacher’s guides. The guides include activities and teaching tips. The guide provides a four-day or five-day a week schedule. You will know what to do each day.

Five in a Row is a unit study for kindergarten through the third grade. The program uses children's books to teach a theme. Each day of the week a different subject is taught based on the book being studied. Five in a Row uses a lot of hands-on project. There is a supplement book so that you can teach Christian character and the Bible. For younger children there is Before Five in a Row. There is also Beyond Five in a Row for children who can handle chapter books.

To teach grammar I have used Language Arts through Literature. The program uses literature to teach grammar, spelling, vocabulary, writing, and penmanship.
You can also find homeschool literature curriculum from companies that promote Charlotte Mason.

This page will give you more ideas about teaching with literature.

Homeschool literature curriculum is a fun way to teach history and language arts.

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