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If you teach for any length of time you will have homeschool problems. Sometimes our children have difficulty learning. Other times we lack resources. It is hard to stay motivated.  Sometimes we have traumatic events in our life. 

But for every problem there is a solution. Most of the time, the solution does not involve sending your child to school

Life Gets in the Way

Sometimes we have a traumatic situation that makes teaching difficult. A parent or other family member may become chronically ill. Or a beloved family member may die. There are all kinds of issues that can make teaching at home difficult.

Children will learn in spite of the difficulty. It is not necessary to send them to school. Children will still feel the stress no matter where they are learning. At school they will not only have to deal with the family stress but have to deal with how to live and work in a group.

If you are in a crisis you can focus on un-schooling. Let your child read what he wants to read. Have him do math by making meals or doing crafts.  Take your child places when you feel up to it. Go to the library. Visit museums and zoos.

If the homeschool problem is financial we can find free resources online. Another idea is to buy used curriculum.

There are even places where we can rent curriculum.  The Yellow House Book Rental has several options for saving money on materials. On this site can rent, rent-to-own, buy used curriculum, and download selected products. They have materials from well-known venders such as Apologia, Math-U-See, Sonlight, and Usborne.

find solutions to homeschooling problems

Homeschool Problems with Children

 We can have children who do not learn on our timetable. There are several reasons why our children don’t learn.

 One reason is that we are teaching to the wrong learning style. If we are using textbooks we can change to doing lapbooks or another teaching method that fits their learning style. Here is some information about how children learn.

Sometimes the textbook or material that we are using is not written so our child understands. We can change textbook companies. Another idea is to buy textbooks at a lower grade level. 

If our children are still having trouble reading or doing math we should have them evaluated. Your child could have a learning disability. If he does have a learning disability we can learn about what teaching method works best.

Sometimes our children are not motivated to do schoolwork. If they have been in a school classroom they may not know what to expect from homeschooling. You can take some time off from traditional school. Use this time to find out what your child wants to learn. Then develop a curriculum around your child’s interests.

Sometimes our homeschool problems stem from a lack of discipline. We need to set boundaries with our children. They need to know what the rules and consequences are. We also need to win our child’s hearts with unconditional love.


Yes, the parent can have homeschool problems. We have already mentioned traumatic events. There are other issues that make teaching our children difficult.

Our husbands might not want us to teach our children. It is hard to do anything that when one partner is not for it. First we can pray for our husband’s change of heart. Also pray how you can be involved in your child’s education. You might help at your child’s school. Also look for fun educational activities that you can do with your child and as a family.

Sometimes we get burned-out. As a homeschool mom we have a lot of different responsibilities. We make sure the house is clean and clutter free. We do laundry. We cook. Then we educate our children. Our life is time-consuming and tiring. When we feel overwhelmed we can take a break. Here is more information about dealing with homeschool burn-out.

This has been a quick overview of some of the homeschool problems that we can have. Look through my site for more encouragement and practical tips. Remember with prayer we can find creative solutions to our struggles. Think on Philippians 4:13,” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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