Having a Homeschool Room

How important is having a homeschool room? Searching on the internet it would seem that it is important. But is it necessary? Having a separate space does have its advantages. There are also some disadvantages.

Then again some families don’t have the space for a separate room. What can we do?


There are at least five reasons for having a separate room.

Place to keep books and supplies

Maps and charts can be hung on the walls

Art work and projects can be left out to finish later.

A quiet place for children to study

The rest of house is less cluttered

Having a separate room sounds like a good idea. So now we need to find space.

Which room for homeschooling

Finding Space

To find extra space for a homeschool room consider your family’s needs such as;

Does every child need a separate sleeping area or can two or more children share a room?

Can a room be partitioned off to make a separate learning space?

Do you have an attic or basement what can be turned into a learning space?

Having a Homeschool Room Disadvantages

Having a separate room is not for everyone. I would feel that it would be like having school at home.

I would also feel like I could not do my chores when my children were studying. I would be too far away from them.  Today I can wash dishes while my child is doing math at the kitchen table.

If the room has a computer your child might be tempted to play games instead of doing schoolwork.

My Solution

I have to admit that I have never had a homeschool room. I didn’t have the space for a separate teaching area until recently. Since my children are older I have not seen the need to change the way we use our space. I do have a child that uses the home office to study in though.

Dining Room

When my children were young we did most of our schooling in the dining room. We did math and crafts at the table. We had alphabet cards on the wall. We had a music center where we could play the phonic CD’s and other music tapes. On a shelf I kept math and craft supplies. We also put our first computer in the dining room.

Here are some reasons that the dining room is a good choice.

The dining room is usually centrally located. The parent can work on other tasks while still being close to the child.

The room has a large table and chairs. More than one child can work at the table at one time.

If your child is distracted by his sibling working near him at the table you can make a study carrel. The public school uses file folders. If you want a carrel that is sturdier you could cut down a presentation board.

The dining room is not as distraction as the living room or the child’s bedroom. It usually doesn’t have soft chairs or a TV.

Living Room

I used the living room for reading aloud. My children could cuddle on the couch with me. I also used the couch when my children were reading to me.

I keep several bookshelves in the living room. The bookshelves contain

  • Novels
  • Biographies
  • Science books
  • History books
  • Other reference books

Having a separate homeschool room can work for some families. If you do not have the room you can teach in the dining or living room.

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