Finding Homeschool Science Supplies

Homeschool science supplies can easily found in and around the house. Science can be taught with a minimum amount of equipment.

Tools to have on Hand

You should have on hand measuring tools. Have tools to measure length such as rulers and tape measures. Also have tools to measure volume such as liquid and dry measure cups.

You will need some observation tools such as magnifying glass and binoculars. A telescope and microscope are nice, especially for older grades, but a lot of science can be done without these tools. Also keep on hand notebooks so your child can record his observations.


Biology is the study of living things. Children can observe nature by going outside. In the backyard the child can observe plants, bugs, and birds.

In the kitchen your child can observe yeast and molds. Your child can do experiments with plants. Beans can be dissected using toothpicks.

Homeschool science supplies that you might need are beans, toothpicks, bakers yeast, bread, and fresh vegetables such as carrots or celery.

A good microscope is useful to observe cells. We have had several toy microscopes that I would not recommend. They were not much better that a magnifying glass. I would suggest buying a microscope only when your child is older and is interested in biology. See what brand your public school is using. A cheaper way would be to wait until your child is in high school and either take a biology class from the high school or the local college.

If your child likes bugs and insects buy a ant farm or raise butterflies. You can find ant farms and butterfly kits in most children toy catalogs.


Most homeschool science supplies for chemistry can be found in your kitchen or at a drug store. Soda, salt, and vinegar can be found in your kitchen. Epsom salts to make crystals can be found at the drug store.

When your children are older you may want to invest in a chemical set, goggles and an apron. A periodic table can be found in an encyclopedia or online.


Physics is the study of motion, light, heat, gravity, magnetism, and electricity. Homeschool science supplies for physics include magnets, paper for paper airplanes, batteries and wire for circuit boards. A fun activity to show motion uses 3/4 inch foam pipe insulation and marbles.

Cut the foam in half to make roller coaster tracks for the marbles. Most of the supplies for physics can be found in a hardware store. To observe the different colors in light you will need a prism. A prism can be found in a science supply store or in some home school catalogs.

Natural science

Take your child out at night and observe the night sky. Teach your child the different phases of the moon. A lot of the constellations can be observed without a telescope. If you can get way from the city lights you can see a lot more stars. We have watch meteor showers while camping. Buy a star map either from a book store or a homeschooling catalog, so that you can learn the names of the constellations. With binoculars or a telescope you can observe more of the night skies.

Also go out in nature and observe. We have mountains and the ocean close. See what is available in your area. Get nature guides and observe the plants, birds, and animals. You can get nature books at the local library, but I feel that it is better to have your own. You can buy nature books from book stores or online.

Most books that describe biology, chemistry, physics, and natural science experiments for the young child can be found in the library.

Homeschool science supplies should also include videos. There are a lot of science videos both Christian and secular. You can find videos about the human body, the water cycle, different habitat etc. Some videos are geared to young children such as the Magic School Bus and others are more geared to the older students. Moody Publishers produce a video series from an Christian word view.

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