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Keeping your Student on Tract

Keep your child organized with a homeschool student planner. Using calendars can help your child be more independent.


I started using a homeschool student planner with my children. It has help keep both me and my children organized. If for some reason I forgot to write down their assignment in my book they could look on theirs.

Day planners are good for teaching organizational skills. When everything is written down then your child can see how he needs to plan his day and coming weeks.

By looking in his organizer your child can see what has already been done. He can also see how many days there are left in school. He can adjust how many pages he has to do to finish his textbooks.

My children like to know that when they finish everything on the list the school day is done.

A planner can be a record of your child's school work. The record can be kept as a reminder of the fun activities and what was learned throughout the year.


You can buy a simple homeschool student day planner at the store during back to school sales. A simple one in twelve months long starting in August or September and ending in July of the next year. It will have each month at a glance. Usually there will be a weekly page. Monday through Friday of the week will have a space for your child to write his assignments. There may also be a class schedule and a place to record grades.


Homeschool student planners can be very complex and geared for the individual child. Some have places to record outside activities and appointments.

Beside schedules of assignments there are other things that are good to keep track of. I am having my children list the books that they read.

Other children might like to list daily and future goals.

A daily schedule is also good to have.

Educational websites would be beneficial to list.

Some children might like to have an address book for friend, relatives, and other contacts.

Some planners have reference materials such as

  • A map with countries of the world
  • A map with the states and capitals
  • A periodic table
  • List of frequent misspelled words
  • A multiplication facts table
  • A Bible reading plan

Making a Planner

You or your child could make his own custom planner. You would need a daily calendar pages and a three ring notebook. Then add sheets for the items that you think are important such as reading lists and reference material.

One to Download

The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Student Planner is a product that has calendars and other pages available. You can print all of the pages or just the ones that are helpful to you.

There are three student planners available that you can download when you are a member at .

  • The primary is for children kindergarten through fourth grade.
  • The intermediate is for fifth through eighth grade.
  • There is also one for high school.
  • Each comes with pages that will help your child keep organized.

Homeschool student planners are a tool to help your child learn organizational skills.

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