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Traditional School Method

Some people like to use homeschool textbooks with their children. It is a traditional method of education. It is what most people are familiar with. When you use textbooks for all of your child's subjects it is sometimes called school-in-a-box.
The method has several characteristics.

You buy books according to grade level. So you need to buy a new science book each year.

The books cover one subject. You need a separate book for math, language arts, science, and history.

With most textbooks your child reads a chapter. Then he answers questions about what he has read.


Sometimes you can use the same textbooks that your child used in school, especially if your child went to a Christian private school.

Most textbooks have unit tests. The tests give easy documentation that your child completed the subject.

If you buy textbooks written for homeschoolers they have easy to use teacher manuals. Many are scripted.

A lot of the planning for the school year is already done for you.

There are fewer gaps in learning because the publishers give a scope and sequence.

They make good reference materials. You can read the general information in a textbook then find living books about the themes and subjects presented in the book.

Independent learners like using textbooks. The child can read pages in the text and answer the questions.


One of the disadvantages of homeschool textbooks is that you have to buy a book for every subject. You also have to have separate books for each child.

Most books are expensive.

Textbooks are sometimes boring.

The family does not learn together. Each child learns different material.

The parent spends a lot of time correcting and grading papers.

The books usually present general information about a subject. The authors have already researched the information. Textbooks are the opinions of the authors.

Buying Homeschool Textbooks

When I started homeschooling there were only a few venders that sold to families that homeschooled. Today you can buy books from large and small companies. Some sell to private and public schools. Some are home businesses that sell to families.

Here us a list of some of the popular publishers;

  • A Beka Homeschool sells complete curriculum from preschool through high school.
  • Bob Jones University sells complete curriculum from preschool through high school.
  • Rod and Staff is a Mennonite program.
  • Pathway publishes books to teach reading.
  • Saxon sells math, physics, and phonics books.
  • Apologia sells science textbooks.
  • Notgrass has history books for junior and senior high.

Some companies sell text workbooks which are similar to textbooks. An example of a workbook is Alpha Omega's Lifepac.

There are several ways to buy your school books. Look for the company online and buy through their site. Find the book on Amazon or another book distributor. Some families go to conventions. At a convention you can preview the books and talk to dealers before you buy.

Homeschool textbooks have their advantages and disadvantages. School-in- a-box is a good place to start for parents who are new to homeschooling or need accountability.

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