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What I have been finding out about Homeschool transcripts is that they are just a record of the classes that a high school student has taken. The record should be short, no more than two pages. It also includes credits and grade points earned.

What Colleges Want to See on
Homeschool Transcripts

  • First they want the form to look professional. The form should be typed not handwritten.
  • Second it should have the full name of the student. His address and phone number.
  • Third there should be information on the school.
  • Fourth the classes should be listed when it was taken such as 9th grade, 10th grade, etc.
  • Each class should have a credit and the grade point earned.
  • If the class was taken at a college it should be noted.
  • Last the total credit and GPA should be at the bottom of the page.
  • Sign the transcript and list any degrees that you have.

How to Find a List of Classes Required

If you are not part of a virtual or satellite school you will need a list of classes. I found a list of high school requirements for the State of Washington by visiting the states public education website.

My transcript should be similar to the states requirements. I can require more but usually not less. I see that the state requires a minimum of 19 credits to graduate. I also noted that in 2013 an extra credit in math is required.

For each core subject my state lists how many credits are required just to graduate. The site also lists how many credits are required for each subject if you plan to go to college.

How to Add a Unique Class to Your Transcript

Try to find a category that a unique class would fit under. You can get idea from a local college catalog. On the internet you can find a list of electives at Oklahoma Homeschool.

How to figure Credits

Credits are based on the Carnegie Unit which is a unit of time. According to Wikipedia a Carnegie Unit is 120 hours of class time with an instructor. A credit is given when you meet for 40 minutes five days a week for 36 weeks. You can earn 1/2 a credit per semester.

How to Figure GPA

Each class should have a grade (A, B, C, D, F) earned. Each grade has a number assigned to it. A = 4.00 B = 3.00 C = 2.00 D = 1.00 and F is 0. To find the grade point average for each year, add up the grades and divide by the number of classes. After all of the four years are completed add up all of the classes and divide. The number is the total GPA; write this score at the bottom of the transcript.

Where to Find Samples of Homeschool Transcripts

You can find free samples of transcripts at HSLDA.There is even a blank transcript that you can download.

I like to think about writing my child's homeschool transcripts when my child is in the 7th or 8th grade. With planning and keeping records writing a transcript should not be hard.

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