The Challenge of Homeschooling Boys

For me homeschooling boys are different than homeschooling girls. You can make some changes to how you present curriculum so that boys can learn. Teaching boys can be challenging but fun. When you homeschool boys you also have the awesome responsibility to raise men.

Differences in Homeschooling Boys

Are there differences between boys and girls? Some research says no. What does the Bible say? I fell that the Bible states that there are different roles for men and women. When the Bible describes church leadership roles it refers to men see 1Timothy 3. Several places in scripture it says that women should be in submission to their husbands. It also says that husbands should love their wives. For most of us this is a hard teaching. The Bible does say that men and women are equal see Galatians 3:28. It just says that we have different roles. Having both boys and girls I have noticed some differences. What is your experience with your sons?

For me homeschooling boys can be a challenge. Boys tend to be more active than girls. They do not like to sit still. I usually let my boys stand when I was talking. Some boys like to sit on the floor. Others like to sit in odd positions. The position is not that important as long as the boys are still listening.

Often time's boys are identified as needing special education when they are placed in a school setting. They are usually identified because they are seen as being more disruptive than girls. Yes, there are boys who have disabilities and they should be identified. As a homeschooling parent we can tell when our boys just need a break from school and when there is a problem.

By acknowledging the differences between our children we can better homeschool.


Some boys are slow to learn to read. Don't frustrate them. After your sons have had time to play outside read a story to them. Teach your boys some phonics everyday, but keep the lessons short. Instead of worksheets play games. The boys that I taught in school liked to play games. We played a word bingo or a match game.

Give your boys interesting stories to read. Learn about the types of books your boy likes to read. A lot of boys like to read about how to do something. Most boys like books about subjects that interest them. My boys like books about dinosaurs, trucks and cars. Other boys will like books about sports and sport figures. Some boys like stories with lots of adventure.


Both of my sons are good at math. They could almost teach themselves. Other boys need more help. To help boys give them examples of how to do a math problem. Also explain why they need to learn to do math. Give your boys a goal. Let your boys use their math skills to build things.


Most boys like doing things, so homeschooling boys should have lots of hands-on projects. They also learn best by observation and role play. You can teach a lot of history this way.

  • Give your son toys to help him build replicas of farms and forts. Legos are a great toy for building.
  • Here are some other ideas to keep your son interested in history.
  • Make a replica of a flint lock gun.
  • Let your boys act out what they have learned in history.
  • Have your boys learn about military rank so they can play solders.
  • Have your boy use hand tools to make a birdhouse or other handicraft.
  • Visit museums that have hands-on activities or reenactments.


My boys tend to like creepy crawly things. They like to observe ants, spiders, and snakes in nature. My sons also like to read nature books. My sons also liked to go to the zoo and visit the bug exhibit.

My boys have been more interested in building things than my girls. My boys have designed different paper airplanes to see which ones flew the best.

Another idea is to go to science museums. Some have hands-on exhibits. Others are about advancements in technology.

How to Raise Men

One of our goals for homeschooling boys is to raise men. We need to take their desire to challenge authority and make them leaders. I think that we can best accomplish this by giving them opportunities to lead. Find things that your son is good at and let him lead those younger than him. He can lead at home, in the neighborhood, or at church.

Boys usually have a sense of boldness and courage. Teach your sons that this gift is for the glory of God not for self-fulfillment. One way to do this is to have your son go on a sort term mission.

Boys tend to be visual in nature. To keep them pure talk how God made them. Talk about viewing things that would lead them away from God.

You can also teach your boys social skills and how to treat women. Dad can also be an example. Have your son open your door. He can also carry the groceries into the house.

Books about Educating Boys

Beyond Boyhood by Bob Schultz teaches boys how to use God's standards to become men. There are questions to help you apply the chapter to your life.

Created to Work by Bob Schultz teaches boys God's ways concerning work. The books are written as a devotional book for boys.

Beyond Boyhood and Created to Work would be good books for a dad and son to go over together.

Raising Real Men: Surviving, Teaching and Appreciating Boys by Hal and Melanie Young The book shows how parents can use boy behavior to make godly men. The author home schools six boys.

Homeschooling boys to be responsible men can be a challenging but fun experience.

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