Homeschooling Gifted Children

Parents are considering homeschooling gifted children because schools are cutting budgets for gifted programs. Other parents cannot find school programs that fit their child's needs. Still other parents have children that are part of a sports team and miss school when they are competing.

Why Homeschool the Gifted

Sometimes a child is twice gifted meaning that he is gifted in one area but has a learning disability in another subject. When this happens in a school setting he may not qualify for help with his learning disability or be challenged in his area of giftedness.

If your child is gifted in sports he may need time to practice with his team.

As stated above there may not be a challenging program for your child at school.

Types of Giftedness

A child can be gifted in all areas or have a specific aptitude such as math. It is also not uncommon for a child to be gifted in one area and have a leaning disability in another area. Educators like to refer to these children as being twice gifted.

Howard Gardner has another way to look at intelligence. He has indentified eight types of intelligence. He list musical, logical, body/kinesthetic, language, spatial, intrapersonal and interpersonal. Your child can be gifted in one are or several areas.

Gifted children usually are creative and have leadership abilities.

Most parents will know if their child is gifted even before the child is tested.

Homeschooling Gifted Children Is Possible

When your child knows more than you there are ways to help him learn what he needs to know. You will become more of a manager than a teacher. You can also become a co-learner with your child.

If you do not know something, find a mentor for your child. There are people who would love to pass their knowledge about math, science, or writing onto an interested young person.

You could also find classes in subjects that interest your child. Look for classes at your homeschool co-op, community classes, or enroll part time in your school district. Also look for distant learning opportunities on the internet.

Another idea is to find programs in that would interest your child at a science museum or other community program. If there is an age requirement, offer to attend the event also.

If your child is good at a sport find classes and a team that he can join.

If a child is gifted in one area and have a learning difficulty in another area he may be seen as having average intelligent. When you homeschool you can teach to both your child's giftedness and his weakness. You do not have to buy curriculum in one grade. You can buy a six grade math book and a second grade reader.

Your child can learn what interests him

You can provide hands-on opportunities for your child. If your child like engineering you can have him build things.

Get Support

All parents need support. You can find support from the internet and homeschool support groups.

Remember when you are homeschooling gifted children that no one teaching method works for all children because each child is unique. You will be challenged to find appropriate materials that will match your child's interests, abilities and maturity levels.

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