Homeschooling the Gifted Child

It is not easy homeschooling the gifted child. Each child has unique abilities and difficulties. Some are gifted in only one area. Other children are gifted in many areas. Gifted children can also have difficulties in social situations.

Is Your Child Really Gifted?

At times parents compare their children to others and say things like my child can --- (ability) at --- (age). We are sometimes amazed at what our children can do. But that does not mean that our children are gifted.

Giftedness is defined as someone who has unique intelligence, leadership abilities, and is creative. They can also be good in performing and visual arts. Approximately 2 to 3 percent of the population has IQs that score in the gifted range. Gifted people tend to be very intense in the area where they are gifted.

Besides academics our children can be gifted in music, art, or athletics.

Homeschooling the gifted child might be the best if he spends a lot of time pursuing his interests.

Social Problems

Communication skills are important to teach to children. Gifted children tend not to know how to make small talk. When your child is small you can give them scripts to practice. Latter role play and have them think of questions to ask another person or comments to make.

Also teach your child the flow of conversation so that they will not interrupt. They need to know when it is appropriate to ask a question or make a comment. Your child may also need to know what kind of questions and comments to make so that he will not be embarrassed.

Gifted people can be bossy. Teach them to respect God given authority. Ephesians 6 is a good passage to show them that we are all under some form of authority.

Sometimes gifted children have trouble relating to their peers. You can help your child by teaching him some age appropriate activities. Teach him how to bike ride, swim, or buy him a skate board. Another activity would be board games.

Gifted children tend to be perfectionists. Teach them how to deal with failure. Let your child know that everyone makes mistakes some of the time.

Your child should know that they were created by God for a unique purpose, but we still need to get along with other people.

Even though our gifted child is academically above his peers our child is still a child. We need to treat them as children.

Homeschooling the gifted child can help them learn to cope with their different social needs.

Looking at Giftedness through God's Eyes

In Romans we are warned not to think more highly of ourselves. It also says that we all have different gifts and we use our gifts for the edification of other Christians.

In 1Corintians 10:31 we read that we are to do everything to the glory of God. So we should teach our children to use their gifts and talents for God's glory.

We also need to tell our children that all good and perfect gifts are from God (James 1:17).

Homeschooling the gifted child is beneficial. We can help our children use their gifts and talents to serve God and mankind.

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