How to Motivate Your Child

You can motivate your child to learn when you homeschool. One way is to make your lessons practical. Another way is to use a different learning approach.


Help your child understand that we read for information and enjoyment. Here are some ideas to help motivate your child to read;

  • Find easy to read picture books for young children.
  • Read several chapters out of a book. Stop at the climax. Leave the book out for your child to find.
  • Leave books that might interest your child out in the open.
  • Find recipe books about a specific time period such as the Oregon Trial.
  • Find craft books that would interest your child.
  • Let your child listen to audio books.
  • Check out the new graphic books and novels.
  • Allow your child to read books below their reading level.
  • Have your child read to a younger sibling.


Some children don't like to do math problems. We can help them learn math by making it practical. Here are some ideas;

  • Play board games. Have your child add up the scores.
  • Learn about fractions with cooking in the kitchen.
  • Do crafts that involve cutting and measuring.
  • Start a business.
  • Young children can play store. Place price tags on toys or food items. Then give your child some coins so he can buy items.
  • Let your child spend money at a dollar store or fast food restaurant.

Make Math Fun

  • Let your child play math games on the computer.
  • Find fun worksheets such as magic squares.
  • Find color the number pictures that use math equations.


Writing should also be practical so that activities will motivate your child to learn. Here are some ideas;

  • Allow your child to type on the computer. Sometimes it is just the handwriting your child does not want to do. Also computers have spell check, so it can help children who have difficulty spelling.
  • Write letters to a relative or pen pal.
  • Start a blog.
  • Write to a congressman about a political concern.
  • Use story starters to write a funny story.
  • Have your child write how to do something.
  • Plan a trip. Have your child write for information about places to see.
  • Have your child keep a journal.
  • Have your child write items down that are needed at the store.
  • Keep a scrapbook of your homeschooling activities. Have your child write captions for the pictures.

Other Ways to Motivate

Motivate your child by teaching to his interests. When you are creative you can use his interests to teach reading, writing, and math. Sometimes the interest will also include activities in science or history.

Or teach in a different way. If you are using textbooks use a lapbook or unit study method. There are short lapbooks and unit studies that only take a week or two to complete.

Sometimes taking a break from learning can be motivating. You could just relax or go on a trip to learn something.

Some children are more interested in history projects or science experiments. Use the projects to spark interest in reading, writing, and math.

When you homeschool you can look in your kitchen, shop, garden, or craft room for interesting activities to help motivate your child to learn.

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