Where to Get The Best Science Curriculum

Homeschool science curriculum should be fun and hands on. Children learn more when they are able to use their hands and see with their eyes. So, use lots of experiments and videos.

Science Curriculum

Science is included when you buy a complete curriculum. For years we have done the science in the Weaver. Most unit studies include science.

You can also buy a science textbook or workbook for your child. There are many textbooks and workbooks that you can choose from. Most are grade specific.

If your child is interested in biology, Physical Science, or Earth Science you can find textbooks that are written for his level.

Besides the Weaver we have used Switched on Schoolhouse for science. Switched on Schoolhouse is a curriculum for the computer. It was like doing a workbook. There were a few experiments, but not many. My children mainly read the text and answered questions.

We have also used Life Pacs. Life Pacs are workbooks. My children read some text and answered questions.

In high school I have used Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Dr. Jay L. Wile. Dr. Wile is part of Apologia Educational Ministries. I liked the curriculum. Besides the text, it had a lot of experiments. The curriculum now has textbooks for younger children.

There are other companies that sell science curriculum. If you are a Christian you will want to use something that teaches creation.

Free Science Curriculum

If you are creative you can find a lot of free curriculum.

You can find science experiments on the internet. I like the site Kids Science Experiments. They have easy experiments listed in catorgories. For each catagory there are several experiments. Besides listing the ingredience and the procedure of the experiments, the site has pictures of the process.

I also like Science Bob The site has science videos. He has a lot of science demonstrations that you can do at home. He also tells you how to make the demonstrations into science experiments.

There are also free science lesson plans and unit studies that are available on the internet.

The public library is a good place to get science information. There are books that will have science fair activities. The activities are fun to do at home.

The library will also have books and videos on nature. Most will mention evolution and not creation.

Videos can be found about nature. Look in you church library to see if they have the Creation videos produced by Moody. There are some other creation videos that would be good to watch. We saw one on Mt. St. Helens.

Keep Science Safe

When you are teaching science remember to be safe. Watch children around hot stoves and ingredients. If you live in an area that has poison plants or bugs learn to identify them and tell your children not to touch.

Make sure that you know the experiments in your curriculum. Be available to help your child.

Many parents like to buy a science curriculum for their children. A curriculum will provide a systematic way to teach science. You can teach science without buying a curriculum.

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