Unit Study State Flags

Unit study state flags teaches history, geography, government of the United States. You child will produce a notebook of state facts. When you have your child dig a little deeper you can incorporate history, government, and language arts into your study of the states. The unit study will take ten weeks if you do a state every day.

Needed Materials for Unit Study State Flags

Unit study state flags does not take a lot of supplies. You probable have most of the items already in your house. Here is a list of supplies.

  • An Outline map of the United States with the states outlined.
  • A Notebook is important to keep your child's work organized.
  • Sheet protectors make the notebook look more professional.
  • Acid free colored paper to make the flags with.
  • Acid free pens for the flags. Acid free paper and flags are important so that the colors do not fade.
  • If your children do not want to make the flags you can find coloring pages for the state flags on the internet.
  • Go to the internet, encyclopedias, or the library for research on information about the states.

History, Geography, Government

Your child will learn a lot about each state's history by studying the flag. When he is doing research he will find other interesting historical facts about each state.

By placing the states on an outline map they will learn the geography of the United States.

With a little more research you child can learn about the people who are in government in the state.

On the outline map write the name of the state and capital after you have finished the flag.

Here are some questions for your child to answer:

  • What do the symbols on the flags mean?
  • Do the colors of the flag mean something?
  • Who designed the flag?
  • When did the state become part of the union?
  • Who is the governor of the state?
  • Who are the senators from the state?
  • How many Representatives does the state have?
  • Does the state have any famous natural features such as lakes, mountains?

Language Arts

You can use the unit study of the state flags to teach language arts. Have your child practice his writing by listing what he has learned about each state. If your child is older, have him write a short report on each state. Also read about the states motto, song, and nick name. Read about other fun facts for each state.


Use colored paper to make a flag for each state. You will also need some colored pens to do small details on the flag. Also use the pens to write any words or dates that are on the flag.

Each day have your child place the finished flag into a sheet protector and place into a notebook. Also place in the notebook the information that he has collected about the state.

Unit study state flags can be an interesting hands-on project for your children. They will learn history, geography, language arts and do a fun art project.

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