A Beka Homeschool Curriculum

a Traditional Approach 

If you like using Christian textbooks A Beka homeschool curriculum might be for you. The company has been writing Christian materials for over 50 years. Their books have been used at Pensacola Christian Academy and other Christian schools.

The textbooks are written and researched by authors in their fields. The curriculum is parent friendly. You can find materials for preschool through high school.


A Beka homeschool curriculum contains the usual subjects. You can buy the subjects individually or as a kit. You save some if you buy the kit.

Besides Bible, language arts, science, math, and history there are also textbooks for French, Spanish, art, and music.

The math program uses a spiral approach. The math curriculum also emphasizes problem solving.

The science program is hands-on. If you are teaching high school science you can have your child watch the science labs on DVD.

The foreign language materials are written for high school. The authors recommend waiting until your child is in at least junior high before starting the French or Spanish program.

Unique Features

A Beka homeschool curriculum has some unique features. It does not use materials from other publishers. The company writes and publishes all of the books that it sells.

Cursive handwriting is taught in kindergarten. Manuscript writing is not taught at all.

Support for Special Needs

The curriculum is designed to be used with children who are average. There are some features that would be good for children who struggle with learning.

I think that the phonics program would be good for children who struggle with reading and spelling. The program seems very systematic. The program had six steps. The child first learns the short vowel sounds, then consonants, blends, and one-vowel words. Then the child learns the long vowel sounds, and special sounds.

The child should really learn the beginning words because the phonic lesson is integrated into history and science.

Another good point is that spelling is taught with phonic rules.

The Daily Schedule

I like the schedule. The authors suggest spending 10 to 15 minutes on each subject in kindergarten.

In the elementary grades you will need to spend approximate 15 minutes for most subjects. You will need to spend about 30 minutes teaching math. The child is expected to do 30 to 60 minutes of seat work every day.

If you follow the schedule your school day should be over just after lunch. The morning is for language arts and math. A young child should be done with school before lunch. Later elementary children will have history and science to do after lunch. It should not take more than another hour of teaching for both subjects.

Other Helps for Homeschoolers

The curriculum provides some visual aids for homeschoolers. The visuals help teach the lesson.

You can buy lesson plans to help you plan your year.

They also provide a video option for kindergarten through twelfth grade. Children watch teachers teach lessons on a DVD. The videos would be good for families need help teaching a subject. It would also be good for a child who needs to be independent.

There is also an accredited academy that is available to homeschoolers.

A Beka homeschool curriculum is good for those families who want to provide traditional Christian education.

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