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Finding the Best

I like to read Christian homeschool curriculum reviews to find materials that would be good for my family. If you are new to homeschooling there are a few steps that will make your product selections easier.

Even before you read what someone has thought about a product you will need to determine you teaching style.

It is also good to know how your child best learns.

You will also want to know what is important in your belief system.

Although I have not found Christian curriculum that apposed what I believed.

Before You Read Reviews

Bible on top of books

Even before you read a Christian homeschool curriculum review you need to think about a few things.

  • Some Christian homeschool curriculum is written with a specific denomination in mind. Some is geared for Catholics and others more for Protestant. There are also different beliefs within the Protestant groups.
  • You will also want to find a Christian homeschool curriculum that is close to what you believe. Think about what you consider important. What do you believe about creation?
  • How easy is the curriculum to use? Do you have a lot of teacher preparation to do before teaching the lesson? Are the lessons already planned?
  • In these economical times cost is always a factor. When you have to buy curriculum for more than one child it is a good idea to find ways to cut cost. One way to cut cost is to buy Christian homeschool curriculum that can be used by more than one child. Some materials are reproducible.

Method of Teaching

Before you read a Christian homeschool curriculum review there is one more thing to think about. You need to determine what your teaching style is and what the learning style is of your children. Here are several types of curriculum and how they relate to teaching and learning style.

The unit study is a good choice for families that have more than one child. All of the children can learn most subjects together. You would need to buy separate textbooks for math and maybe reading. There are several Christian unit studies that you can buy. The unit study is good if you like hand-on learning.

If you want a more traditional Christian homeschool curriculum you will want to buy textbooks. Textbooks are usually for a grade. You will want to buy separate books for your second grader and separate books for your fifth grader. But you can save your fifth graders textbooks for your younger children to use.

Workbooks are another traditional method. Workbooks are usually consumable. You will need to buy workbooks each child.

Some Christian homeschool curriculum has a history focus. History is divided into Ancient, Middle Ages, Age of Discovery, and Modern History. Every four years a child would study one of the periods of history.

There are venders that sell curriculum that uses a Christian classical approach.

Some textbooks companies have videos for your child to watch. They would be good if you do not feel comfortable teaching a subject or your child is a visual learner.

Other Christian curriculums are set up to use the computer. The program we used was similar to traditional school. My child read some text, listened to a lecture, and did an assignment. There were also unit tests.

Each homeschool curriculum has a different focus. Some interweave the Bible through all of the subjects. Other curriculums teach the Bible as a separate subject.

Finding Reviews

You can find Christian homeschool curriculum reviews on the Schoolhouse Review Crew website. The Schoolhouse Review Crew has over 200 members who review curriculum. You can search through venders to see what crew members have said. The reviewers seem to be honest. They give both the positive and negative aspects of the curriculum.

Cathy Duffy provides reviews about different homeschool curriculum. If you want to really compare curriculum you will need to buy her book 100 top picks. The book has a lot of different charts that will help you determine which curriculum will be good for your family.

Another place to find Christian homeschool curriculum reviews is in magazines. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is now digital and free. Homeschool Enrichment magazine also has reviews.

When I am also reading the magazines I can read the ads and see if there is curriculums that sound interesting.

My Reviews

I have used several curriculum from Alpha Omega. Read about what I liked about Alpha Omega.

Today there are so many different curriculum to choose from. You can find one that will work for family by determining your teaching style and your child's learning style.

Then read some Christian homeschool curriculum reviews to see what others have said.

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