Christian Materials for Homeschooling

We have used several different types of Christian materials throughout our homeschooling years.


The Bible is probably the most important Christian resource that we have used.

We have read stories out of a picture bible when our children were young.

After our children could read we bought an Early Readers Bible for each child. I think that it is important that everyone has their own Bible that they can read from.

We have also used the Bible as curriculum. My children have copied passages to practice their handwriting. They have also used scripture to learn about ancient history.

We have also used scripture passages for memorization.

There are other Christian materials that are nice to have when you homeschool.

Study Materials


A concordance is helpful in doing topical studies. Many bibles have a small concordance in the back. You can also buy an exhaustive concordance. The book lists every word in the Bible. We have a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.

We have used a concordance to look up verses that contain the same word. If we wanted to know what the Bible says about children we could look up children in the concordance.


A dictionary of biblical terms can help you understand the meaning of different words used in the Bible. We have used Unger's Bible Dictionary. Sometimes the English word has changed meaning from when it translated from the original Greek or Hebrew. Looking in the dictionary can help us better understand the Bible.


Commentaries can help us learn what scholars think about different passages in Bible. There are many different commentaries.

The New Unger's Bible Handbook is a great reference to have in your homeschool. Besides being a commentary of the entire Bible there are maps, diagrams, and charts. There are also a lot of colored pictures of items mentioned in the Bible.


Some homeschool families like to use devotionals. Most devotionals focus on a short passage of scripture and relate it to daily living. There are devotionals for homeschool moms, boys, kids, and other topics.


There are also Christian magazines. Some have articles about how to live the Christian life. Others are news magazines. Some have articles about archeological finds. Some are geared for homeschool families.

Two of the magazines that we have used are Christianity Today and Biblical Archaeology Review.

There are also some Christian magazines for children. When my children were young we subscribed to Clubhouse published by focus on the family.

Many homeschool magazines are Christian and have articles about how to teach a biblical worldview. Two of my favorite homeschool magazines are The Old Schoolhouse and Homeschool Enrichment.


Some families like to use Christian homeschool curriculum to teach their children. You can read reviews of Christian curriculum here.

There are a lot of Christian materials that can help you homeschool your child.

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