Computer Based Homeschooling Saves You Time

Computer based homeschooling can be a real time saver for parents. Sometimes we want to homeschool our children but don't know where we will find the time. Some of us need to work. Other families have young children that need our attention. We could all use more time.

Lesson Plans

You will not have to plan lessons. With the curriculum that I used I imputed the beginning and ending days for school year. The program then determined what lessons needed to be done when.

I did not have to come up with lesson questions or tests.

Also in most programs you can turn off or turn on features such as games when you are setting up your school year.


The lesson was also taught for me. My children read the lesson and watched a video. They then could play an interactive game to reinforce what they had learned. Next they could answer the study guide questions.

The computer would score the questions. I only had to score essay questions. If they got a passing grade then they could go onto the next lesson. At the end of the unit they would take a test.

Record Keeping

The scores for each lesson were kept on the computer. The computer would tally the scores and give a final grade for the unit and grade at the end of the year.

The program also keep track of when each time my child worked on the assignments.

When You Are Ill

Computer based homeschooling is also useful when you are ill. Even when I did not use the computer as my main curriculum I had some educational games that my children can play.

Games are good for teaching basic facts. You can find CD and online programs for spelling, reading, and math.


Do you ever get tired of going over your math facts or spelling words? A computer can help you.

Most children love using the computer. The programs have interactive lesson, videos, animation, and games. Children don't seem to tire of doing the same thing over and over on the computer.

Lessons on the Go

If you are on the road a lot computer based homeschooling might be for you. Today some of the programs can be downloaded to your IPad or other handheld device. Other programs let you print off lessons so that you can take them with you.

What Is Available

I have used Switched on Schoolhouse. You can read more about what I thought of the program on my Alpha Omega page.

Reader Rabbit is a preschool through second grade program. The programs cover reading, math, and problem solving.  The newer programs use A.D.A.P.T technology meaning that the program adjusts to the player's ability. The parent also has the ability to print out worksheets.

There are other computer programs for young children such as Millie's Math House and Sammy's Science House.

Today there are many online curriculums. A popular one is time 4 learning. The program is for k-12 grades that teaches math, language arts, science, and social studies.

If you have high speed internet there are also online classes that your child can attend. One company that has online classes is Bridgeway Academy.

Computer based homeschooling can save you time so that you can enjoy your children.

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