Finding Free Christian Material for Homeschooling

You can find free Christian material for teaching your child the Bible, science and history. Most of the items that I have found are helpful. Some are promotional items that a company is offering free for a short time.

When I started homeschooling there was not much that was free. You either bought curriculum or saved money by making your own materials. Back then homeschooling was not cheap.

Today I find that it is easier to teach my children. The internet has become my friend.

Finding Items on the Internet

Today you can find a lot of free Christian material on the internet. Many websites have material that you can download. You can find Bible based unit studies on my site. Other sites have worksheets.

I also receive offers of free materials through e-mail. I have received a study on the Apostles’ Creed, a unit study on St. Patrick, a study on a hymn, character cards etc. Some of the items were a limited time offer.  The regular price was quoted in the e-mail so I could see how much I saved.

Another e-mail that I enjoy reading is from Doorpost. Several times a year she sends out a month-long Bible study. For thirty days you will study one passage in the Bible. The study is for moms. There are also activities for children. There is even a facebook page for those who want to join a group.

I also look for free books on Amazon for my kindle. You can find classics and many Christian books.


Bible for has thirty-five Old Testament stories and twenty-four New Testament stories. You can download the stories in different formats. My children like ones with black and white pictures. They can color as we read the story.

Bible for also has an illustrated version of Pilgrim’s Progress. The story comes in six parts that you can download.

Bible Study has 325 Bible studies for children. You can find the major themes of the Bible such as;

  • Creation,
  • The Garden of Eden,
  •  Noah and the ark,
  • Abraham, Isaac,
  • Jacob,
  •  Joseph, Moses,
  •  The birth of Jesus,
  •  Jesus' parables,
  • The last supper,
  • The crucifixion,
  •  The resurrection,
  • Peter’s ministry,
  •  Paul’s ministry

Each lesson is a downloadable PDF. The lessons have coloring pages, a memory verse, questions, word find, and crossword puzzles. The website also has studies for teens and adults.

Free Christian Material for Science

There is a lot of free science stuff. Some would not be offensive. The sites that I have listed have free Christian material. Easy Fun School has a dinosaur unit that uses the Bible to teach.

Parent company ( has free science kits. One kit is about what science is and the role of religion. There is a history of science section, a question an answer section, and section of quotes from scientists.

The second kit from Parent Company is about evidences of God in creation. The information is on design in nature, the failure of Darwin, and quotes for scientists.

Each kit comes with a teacher’s guide that describes the purpose of the lessons. There is also a final test for each kit.

Both kits talk about creation verses evolution. I fell that the lessons would be best suited to high school.

Cindy Downes has science unit studies that you can download. On the Oklahoma homeschool home page click on free lesson plans, free unit studies and free timeline. Then look over the list. You will find studies on;

  • Animals,
  • Dinosaurs,
  • Bugs,
  • Geology,
  • Astronomy

Language Arts

For language arts look in your public or church library for Christian fiction or stories that have a strong moral content. Many books published before 1923 usually present a Christian view. Most of the books are in the public domain. Besides Amazon find classics at Google Books, Project Gutenberg, Christian Classics Ethereal Library, and the Baldwin Project.


Easy Fun School has many history activities. The site starts with ancient Old Testament history and goes to the Second World War. Bible World history has time lines from creation to the early church.

Oklahoma Homeschool has a blank time line that you can download. She also has some history unit studies that are free.

Both Oklahoma Homeschool and Easy Fun School have free Christian material.

Free Curriculum

A site that has free curriculum is Ambleside Online. If you are a follower of Charlotte Mason this is a really good free site. Each grade has a schedule and book list. I really like the order of the site.

At Ambleside you can also study art, classical composers, and hymns. When I clicked on the hymns link for Blessed Assurance I was able to hear the music and read the words. You can read more about what I think about Ambleside here.

I like looking on the internet for free Christian Materials. The curriculum that I have found has saved me money.

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