High School Home Economics

High school home economics should be taught. High schoolers need to know how to take care of money, and maintain a home.

I continue teaching the subjects that I taught in the elementary grades. I have my children learn more about cooking and cleaning. They also continue learning about the handicrafts that interest them.

Family Finances

An important subject for high school home economics is how to handle money. Before your child starts working full time he needs to learn about finances. You can do this by showing your child your income and how you divide it up. Talk to your child about your beliefs concerning money. Show him what it says in the Bible. Also talk to your child about the bills that need to be paid.

I also need to teach my children about buying on credit and being in debt. I need to explain that a large purchase such as a house is usually bought on credit. I also need to teach them that they should live within their means. They should learn not to live on credit. Any credit that they obtain should be paid off as soon as possible.

Teenagers need to learn to be good consumer. My children need know how find the best deals for their money.

Nutrition and Health

Another subject for high school home economics is nutrition. Teach how nutrition is related to health. Encourage your children to eat a diet high in fiber, low in fat with lots of fruit and vegetables. Tell them of the health claims of eating such a diet.

Teach your children to eat the correct amount of calories. Help your child maintain a healthy weight.

Teach your children the importance of exercise.

Maintaining a Home and Car

Your child should already know how to clean a house. Now would be a good time to teach your child how to maintain a home. Dad can help teach about home maintenance.

A child should know the basics on how to fix a leaky faucet. They should also know how to keep a toilet for overflowing. If you have a furnace, teach your children how to change the filters. We have a wood stove, so we have been teaching our children how to make a fire.

Other skills might include how to clean the oven, defrosting the freezer, and other cleaning skills.

Also teach your child how to paint the inside and outside of a house. If he is good at painting he might be able to get a job as a painter.

When your child learns to drive he should learn how to change a tire. They should also know how to check the oil level and how to change the oil.

The more maintenance skills your child has the less he will have to spend for someone else to take care of their home or car.

Interior Design

You teenager can study about arranging furniture. Another area of interior design is how to choose colors to make a pleasing room.

Apparel Design

Teenagers are usually interested in fashion. Your teenager can research how to dress. They can also look at the history of clothing. You can also teach your beliefs about clothing.

Child Care and Family life

Teenagers should know the basics of child development. Teenagers who have not had experience with babies should learn how to take care of them.

If you are a Christian, your teenagers should learn the biblical view of the family.

Textbooks for High School Home Economics

I have never used a textbook for home economics. I have used cookbooks. I have also used books to teach how to sew and do handicrafts.

Life Pac and Switched on Schoolhouse have textbooks for family and consumer science. Both are produced by a Christian publisher.

High school home economics can be a fun and practical elective to teach your teenager.

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