A list of Christian Curriculum

Here is my list of Christian curriculum. You can find materials that fit your needs.

There are textbooks, unit studies, and workbooks. Some companies combine different ways of teaching.

You can find companies that use the classical approach others use lapbooking or another technique.

If the vender name is highlighted the link will take you to a review page on my site.

A Beka

If you like textbooks and are a Christian A Beka might be for your family. They don't just paraphrase secular books and add a Christian view point. They write their own curriculum. There are over 800 textbooks for children in preschool through high school. There are also academy options. I have friends that like the textbook approach and have used A Beka. Be sure to read more about A Beka.


Sonlight is Christian curriculum that is literature based. They believe that good books can show us spiritual insights and develop critical thinking skills.

One thing that makes Sonlight unique is that it has a missionary focus. History is studied from an international perspective. One of the goals of Sonlight is to understand other people and not judge them. A homeschooling friend that was a missionary used Sonlight and liked it.

Alpha Omega

I have used Alpha Omega products most of my homeschool career. They sell the Weaver which is a unit study based on the Bible. We have also used Switched on Schoolhouse which is a computer program. They also sell Lifepacks and Horizons. There is also an online program and an academy. To learn more of my views of Alpha Omega click here.

Christian Classical Curriculum

Classical Conversations has three course Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge. They what you to learn their materials with a group of other families and a mentor. They do sell other materials that you can use on your own. I have used their PreScripts handwriting program with my teenaged children.

Memoria Press has a classical core curriculum for preschool through seventh grade. You will be able to buy everything that you need for a year's curriculum. The program focuses on basic skills of reading, writing, and math. There is an emphasis on Latin. There are also materials for eighth grade through high school. I have used their geography program.


Notgrass Company sells American history and government curriculum for middle school and high school. There is also a world history for high school. The curriculum combine history and literature. There is also a drawing program that is based on the Bible.

History Revealed by Diana Waring comes in four volumes. The volumes are;
Ancient Civilizations and the Bible from creation to Christ
Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries from early church to the French Revolution
World Empires, World Missions, World Wars
You can buy a teacher's guide, student manual, testing kit, audio CD. optional elementary activity book. The volumes can also be bought as a bundle.

I used the teacher's manual for Romans, Reformers, and Revolutionaries. I was able to find most of the fiction and non-fiction books that are listed in my library. There are also activities to help your child understand the art and culture of the time.


Apologia sells mainly science curriculum. I have used their high school textbooks for science. My children enjoyed the experiments but did not like doing the study guides or tests. There are now elementary grade science books. Apologia also sells a history book and homeschool helps.


Progeny Press is a Bible based literature program for kindergarten through high school children. We did Treasure Island and Things Fall Apart. The curriculum relates scripture to the themes in the story. In Things Fall Apart there is a discussion about how a society deals with sin.

Other Christian Curriculum

There are many other companies that sell bible based curriculum. The material that is listed here are companies that I have either used or known someone who has used the company.

Here are some other companies that I have heard about but have not used.

Bob Jones sell textbooks that use a hands-on approach. There is also a distance learning option.

My Father's World is a popular Christian curriculum that combines Charlotte Mason with classical teaching. It also uses the unit study approach.

Heart of Wisdom combines several teaching methods. I like this company because the teaching is centered on the Bible. You are to study the Bible the first half of the day.

Cottage Grove also uses unit studies. One of the things that I like about this company is that it provides support for families with children who have special needs. There is diagnostic testing by certified special education teachers and they will custom design a curriculum for your family.

Where to find

You can find Christian curriculum at Christian Book Distributors, Timberdoodle, and Rainbow Resource Center. If you know what you are looking for you can find materials on Amazon.

You can also buy curriculum directly from the vender's website. Many venders also have free samples that you can download if you are not sure if the curriculum is right for your family.

What is your favorite Christian curriculum?

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